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Using Data in Real, Meaningful Ways

March 1, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton


Exclusive InterviewsIndustry

Using Data in Real, Meaningful Ways

March 1, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

Max Clark is Chief Revenue Officer at mParticle

Max Clark is Chief Revenue Officer at mParticle, overseeing the company’s sales and growth efforts. Along with the rest of their team, Max works to support leading multi-screen brands in connecting their customer data with the leading marketing, analytics and warehousing tools. Until now, both marketers and engineers have struggled to connect all their data and use it in real, meaningful ways. Max recognized that mobile and the new multi-screen experiences have changed the way businesses approach their data and wanted to be a part of a larger solution for them. mParticle is a company that solves this problem in a way no other company can. This is why, Max asserts, that it is so easy to do his job as CRO, talking to the world’s largest brands about where and how mParticle fits into their business.

A Revolution in How We Use Media

The game industry has interested Max for some time, especially after seeing mobile completely revolutionize the way people use media, including online games, through the web and apps. Today’s gamers have instant access to a vast amount of content through places such as the app stores, and they also have more control over their gaming experiences. At mParticle, they are very cognizant of this situation, particularly with EA as one of their leading customers.

What mParticle describes as the third wave of data, which they have written a lot about

Max explains, “With such dramatic growth happening within the industry, we’ve made it a priority to integrate with services that not only allow mobile game marketers to reach this ever-expanding population of users, but also to attribute where they come from and how to keep them engaged for longer. I think the best part about watching it all unfold is that it’s really about producing a fun experience for the end user.”

A New Breed of Marketers for AR and VR

Nas and CEO, Michael Katz of mParticle, during their Acceleration event last year where he spoke on all things mobile

Within the next few years in the game industry, Max expects the trend toward VR and AR will accelerate. We have now seen the successful introduction of AR games such as Pokemon Go as well as VR headsets hitting major tech conferences and many households, but this is only the tip of the iceberg; they are in the early adoption phase. It will take more for them to penetrate the market in meaningful, consistent ways.

Max believes that AR will require a new breed of marketers who can leverage data for stronger engagement if they are to succeed in holding the attention of users for longer. It will be necessary to have the strategic mapping out and release of new elements, features and versions to keep apps from feeling stagnant and stale. This, Max emphasizes, is where Pokemon Go failed, despite its huge initial success. As well, Max believes it may take some time for VR to reach a level of adoption that will allow businesses to capitalize from these experiences.

There are also many opportunities just beyond the traditional gaming space that are developing, including cross-channel experiences via TV and social media activity, which will definitely be a new venue for customer relationship building. But Max is certain video games will continue to lead the way and transform the space.

Unlock the Potential of Data

At mParticle it is all about focusing on multi-screen environments and enabling businesses to unlock the full potential of their data across the entire customer journey, including within apps that feature AR elements and devices such as VR headsets. As Max astutely points out, “Why create amazing experiences for your users if you don’t know the impact of your efforts or how to refine them?”

What mParticle does, in a nutshell

Max describes the challenges of distribution as something that will always center around meeting the user at the right time, with the right content, in the most convenient format. In the mobile gaming world this is critical since users are constantly on the go, easily distracted, and cycling through highly used apps on operating systems with very little retail space in terms of downloaded content. As a result, marketers need to consider very carefully the strategies and tactics they employ to acquire users. At mParticle they believe the only way to do this is by intelligent application of data. This could be done through App Store Optimization for your mobile game, leveraging location-based data for brick and mortar promotions, or via contextual-based ad targeting on the web. “It all starts with collecting the right data,” Max insists, “and actioning it in the places that matter most for optimal reach and execution.”


Catherine Quinton

Catherine Quinton

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