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TROPHiT Opens Up Facebook Offers for Mobile Game Giveaways

March 7, 2017 — by Sagi Mann from TROPHiT


ContributionsPR & Marketing

TROPHiT Opens Up Facebook Offers for Mobile Game Giveaways

March 7, 2017 — by Sagi Mann from TROPHiT

Facebook Offers Are No Longer Just for Brands

Value-Driven Marketing (VDM) has been part of retail for decades, however, as explored in my Gaming VDM intro, the road to its adaptation by mobile gaming has been challenging yet insightful.

In that context, Facebook Offers is a great tool to effectively target people with valuable offers. Back in 2015, convincing a mobile game publisher to use Facebook Offers as any other traditional marketing channel has proven somewhat challenging, and for a good reason they said: Facebook Offers are for brands, aren’t they? Naturally, as no industry standard existed to turn game virtual items into marketable offers (oh, and in-house attempts to do so have been too basic or too scarce), so how could any mobile game publisher consider Facebook Offers seriously as a valid channel? There was literally no accumulated marketing skills to even build a solid plan. We felt we had to pick up that glove.

Planting the Seeds

As Mobile VDM worked well in other marketing channels, experiments over Facebook Offers were in order, initially involving a mobile app, which was effectively “bundled” with added starter-pack value linked to a Facebook Offers through TROPHiT technology. Users would “claim” the giveaway bonus by clicking on a Facebook Offer, and TROPHiT would eventually make sure the added value awaited them inside the app once they opened it.

Results were promising, hitting a x4.5 user-to-payer ratio through methodological VDM-style campaign optimization. The TROPHiT-Facebook Offers combo has shown its potential to become an effective tool at improving user engagement – not just for brands but also for mobile apps. After all, a fundamental idea of Mobile VDM is that apps are not to be treated as shelf products in an app store, but rather as stores themselves, with an infinite variety and supply of marketable goods in the form of virtual coins, gems, heroes, levels and more.

It would take us almost two more years, however, to break the status quo, pushing support of Facebook Offers into mainstream Mobile VDM. Not because we couldn’t do it technically, but because acceptance is a tedious process.

Honing the Technique

With all that’s going on in MarTech these days, plus recent feedback from our clients, we’ve finally decided to research and document Mobile VDM through Facebook Offers in a more comprehensive manner. Note: you can turn off the coding alert – no programmers are required to install this light bulb. It’s strictly ad-ops. Those who have already integrated TROPHiT (no SDK required) are good to go and can leave it all to the guys in marketing. Let me show you the ropes:

Setting up a Mobile VDM campaign through a Facebook Offer on your game’s fan page, for example, is as simple as setting up any other TROPHiT voucher. Simply set your TROPHiT-powered tracking link as the offer URL – we’re using Adjust in the highlighted example below, but any voucher link would do. That’s it, you’re done. As WordPress likes to say, I’m sorry if you expected something more sinister.

What About Facebook Offer Expiration?

Note Facebook Offers support an explicit expiration date. Make sure you set up your TROPHiT voucher to at least the same absolute expiration date:

Left: TROPHit expiration, Right: Facebook Offer expiration

What about Retargeting, You Ask?

Mobile VDM is not limited to new users only. In fact, it thrives in retargeting realms. After all, creating an offer on your game’s fan page might also appeal to existing players. If that is a requirement and assuming you are using TROPHiT, make sure you use a tracking link that supports re-engagement. Instructions vary depending on the tracker you are using, as each one implements retargeting differently.

It’s also good practice to clearly mention preconditions in the offer’s description. For example: “For new users only”, “For existing users only”, and so on. In these modern days, however, you might wish the voucher to “apply to users who have made a purchase”, for example. You’d hate to have non-payers claim giveaways aimed at payers, usually due to the difference in offered value, but building such restrictions by your dev team for each marketing campaign is a great way of getting the two teams to sit at different tables at lunch time and consider the phrase “pass the salt” antagonizing. If you are using TROPHiT, however, you can automatically reserve vouchers to specific users, without any coding or dev team intervention, letting everyone enjoy a salty salad.

What’s Next?

I truly hope you find more Facebook Offers potential with Mobile VDM for games. It is a relatively new field and we constantly accumulate knowledge and share ideas on how to apply it, so feel free to check out more information or shoot me a message if you have an interesting brainstorming session to have on the topic.


Sagi Mann from TROPHiT

Sagi Mann from TROPHiT

Sagi Mann has over 20 years experience in R&D and is currently the co-founder and CTO of TROPHiT. Formerly, he was an R&D manager and senior software engineer in CA, as part of the cyber security industry, for over a decade. Sagi holds a degree in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv, spends free time with his family and loves computer games (only the good ones).