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David Mohr: Summoning Mobile Success

July 20, 2017 — by David Radd


Exclusive InterviewsPR & Marketing

David Mohr: Summoning Mobile Success

July 20, 2017 — by David Radd

David Mohr is the General Manager at GAMEVIL COM2US Europe

David Mohr is the General Manager at GAMEVIL COM2US Europe. They manage the European operations for Korean parent companies GAMEVIL and COM2US and are responsible for localization, community management, customer support and business development in the region.

“We also provide a lot of marketing and PR support for GAMEVIL and COM2US titles, Summoners War being a very high priority,” David said. “I was very fortunate to meet Kyu Lee, the president of GAMEVIL USA, at Gamescom a few years back, and everything started from there.”

“I really enjoy working for a Korean company and being in close contact with our U. S. and Korean operations on a daily basis,” David added. “It’s great to be connected with so many people all across the world.”

Lifelong Dream

Pursuing this career was the fulfillment of a life long dream, not the least of which is working in the gaming industry. It all really kicked off for David when they lived in a town where a German gaming magazine was published in the ’90s.

“Since it was a small town and I was interested in all things gaming and nerdy, I eventually ran into the people working there, and ended up as a writer for MAN!AC magazine,” said David. “The magazine is still alive under the name M! Games by the way, and some of my old colleagues still work there.”

“I was lucky to always work in gaming and gradually gain more responsibility over the last 15 years,” David noted. “With past jobs in gaming journalism, retail and online publishing for PC & console, game development and marketing, I received a pretty thorough and not always easy schooling in most sectors of the gaming industry, and am enjoying the mobile space a lot right now. “

The Rise of the Summoners War

David notes that over the past several years, the mobile game space has gotten far more crowded. While it has become harder to differentiate between various mobile games, it has made the success of Summoners War that much sweeter.

“I was very proud to see Summoners War reach number two top-grossing in Germany and France in Autumn 2016,” beamed David. “Everybody in Korea, the U.S. and Berlin offices worked very hard to create an awesome brand campaign online and offline, with influencers, TV and billboards to go with our major game update in September. I’m even more proud to see that Summoners War has been able to sustain its place in the top-5 in Germany and France since then, and has even reached number 1 in Summer of 2017.”

“We have a lot more coming for Summoners War, that will make the game even more exciting from a multiplayer and competitive point of view,” David added. “We are also working very hard on creating a strong brand for the game, and I hope I’ll be able to reveal a lot more very soon.“

Working Worldwide

GAMEVIL and COM2US are international companies with offices in Berlin, South Korea and the U.S. While this has the benefit of multiple eyes on a project and the ability to work on something basically non-stop, it always is a challenge to communicate well between vastly different time zones.

“We constantly work on improving our internal process, and make sure to spend a lot of time face-to-face,” noted David. “I don’t think that there was ever this one, game-changing challenge we had to overcome. It’s just lots and lots of small things that you have to do in a diligent way to always make the most of your and everyone else’s time. So maybe staying focused every day is the big challenge.”

There are some similar ongoing issues with marketing games in different regions. “We’ve always done a lot of performance-marketing with strong focus on retention and ROI, and will certainly continue to do so,” David said. “However, as that space is becoming harder and harder to work in, we found that TV has really pushed us to the next level, at least in Europe.”

Another issue in all regions is finding people with the right attitude for the company. “It’s especially hard because it’s very hard to objectively describe what attitude you need,” David added. “Humble, hard-working and competent people that fit well with your team and want to work together to achieve something great are not easy to find at all.”

The Future of Mobile MMOs

When asked about future trends, David side-stepped the usual VR/AR response and looked specifically to the mobile industry. David emphasized that mobile MMOs are really starting to take over in South Korea.

“With Royal Blood, we have a true massive multiplayer RPG coming up for mobile later this year, which is already receiving a lot of attention for its graphical quality and large-scale 100 vs. 100 multiplayer,” said David. “Aside from that, we are taking our first steps into esports with Summoners War as shown in the recent M2 Invitational Tournament in New York, and I look forward to further developments in that space.”

When asked in conclusion what to develop with unlimited resources and time, David smiled and said, “That’s a question for Chris Roberts.”


David Radd

David Radd

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