Asia 2017Video Coverage

Elena Vinokurova: Acquiring Users for Success | Casual Connect Video

July 24, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton


Asia 2017Video Coverage

Elena Vinokurova: Acquiring Users for Success | Casual Connect Video

July 24, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

After completing game development, marketing is the most difficult task faced by new game companies. MyTona achieved great success from their first self-published title and at Casual Connect Asia 2017 they shared their post-launch advertising experience and some “hacking” tips to acquire high quality users while maneuvering through the challenges of post-launch marketing.


Elena Vinokurova, a marketing professional at MyTona, is one of the first user acquisition specialists at the company. MyTona is a free-to-play mobile and social game developer and publisher that specializes in casual games. Their most successful game is Seekers Notes, one of the 20 Top Grossing games in the U.S. on iPad.

The challenge of a career in marketing is what attracted Elena. She maintains that accomplishing challenges is a great inspiration and the thing that helps you reach that next level.

Elena joined the company in 2015. Prior to that she was in the IT industry but in a sector completely unrelated to games. Her previous experience has been an advantage because it helps her to understand the technical aspects of her job. Digital marketing is quite different from traditional marketing, with a mix of creativity and tech.

The Work Behind the Game

elena vinokurova
MyTona Marketing Manager Elena Vinokurova

Elena’s greatest challenges have come because the game industry was new to her. She immediately began playing games as well as reading and watching everything she could about the industry. And her colleagues have been very helpful in guiding her through the bumps of the game industry.

The greatest satisfaction working in the game industry comes, Elena asserts, when you see that people are playing your game and enjoying it. This feeling is all the greater because you know all the work behind the game that went into making the players happy.

Elena has been seeing the game industry moving toward greater mobility. Devices such as Nintendo Switch are becoming more mobile and powerful, and in her opinion this is a trend that will continue.

Technology in the game industry changes rapidly, but MyTona takes pride in adapting to changes quickly. Elena believes one of the reasons for their success is that they react to any fluctuations immediately.

Game Marketing From Scratch

When you are marketing for a new company, everything is a challenge. As Elena points out, a new game company must learn everything about game marketing from scratch. But she emphasizes, “At this stage it is important not to give up even when you face some difficulties.” At MyTona, as other companies have done, they have tried all forms of marketing. Currently they are most successful with InApp video advertising.

While marketing their first game they discovered some things that they will do differently next time. The most important thing Elena learned was that soft launch is the critical time to collect as much information as possible about your game. You can then use the data from the soft launch to predict global launch success.

Of course Elena will take all the methods and techniques that worked well for their first game and apply them to the next one. But they will modify and customize their methods to the game specifics.

Is It Engaging?

It is important for marketing teams to remember that they must be in touch with the development team at all times because marketing will change a lot depending on the game performance. And game performance depends on marketing as well.

Acquiring high quality users is a constant concern for every game company, and MyTona has found ways to succeed in this way. Elena points out the need to check campaign performance constantly, at a minimum once a week. And the user quality analysis must be deep and detailed.

Building Tools

At present there is no ideal tool for mobile marketing. This is why MyTona creates and improves their own tools for analytics and statistics. Since most of their tools are self-built, Elena admits that it can be challenging to understand and implement them. For her, the most challenging part is the accuracy. When implementing these tools, it is essential to be absolutely confident that all features are working correctly.


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