ABC, Talk with Me!: New Way in Educational Games

December 12, 2015 — by Nikolas Smykovsky


The Ukrainian company ABC, Talk with Me!, founded by two successful computer developers from Ukraine and Belarus, has launched an interesting type of products for children and their parents – Alphabetic Blocks with augmented reality.


ABC, Talk with Me! is the platform where physical learning toys step into the digital world

Just imagine – good old “alphabetic blocks” with a capability of their immersion into the virtual world. In fact, a buyer purchases ordinary cubic blocks (also known as bricks or wooden cubes). From these children can build various structures, learn letters on their sides with help of their parents, or put them together to form words. These toys improve a child’s motor skills and imagination. But with a mobile phone or tablet with Android or IOS camera, which are getting into a must-have for grown-ups in a family and with the use of computer vision technology, these smart gadgets for adults will turn into a good teacher or pal for children as well. With the built-in camera, ABC, Talk with Me!, “smart program” analyses and finds blocks with letters. It also teaches a child how to play various games with physical toys.