Postcards from a StudioSpring 2010

Ready At Dawn

August 30, 2010 — by Mariia Lototska


Ready At Dawn
Ready At Dawn
I am met by a large, bodybuilder-type fellow sometimes referred to as “The Arms.” More conventionally, he is known as Andrea Pessino, the Vice President of Technology for Ready at Dawn Studios. Andrea seems genuinely uncomfortable with the title (VP of Technology, that is) since he and the other principals at Ready at Dawn would prefer not to have titles at all. But once the company grew to the point where they were hiring for specialized positions, they were obliged to give the new recruits titles in order to make it clear what they were hired to do, and the principals found themselves with titles in the process. As Andrea puts it, “I basically just go do technology stuff where I need to, rather than get wound up over titles. It’s there but it doesn’t mean anything.”