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How to Accelerate Your Game Growth into 2020: A 360° View from Industry Experts

November 15, 2017 — by Industry Contributions


By Marina Sapunova, Marketing Content Manager, yellowHEAD

At Casual Connect Kyiv last month, yellowHEAD hosted an insightful panel titled “Accelerating Your Game Growth into 2020 with Key UA Techniques”. The participants were Javier Castro of Google, Jan Chichlowski of Vivid Games, and Alex Keselman of AppsFlyer.

During the panel, they discussed the future of user acquisition, the impact of app store optimization, the growing role of creatives, and the major changes that happened this year which will influence UA strategy in the future. They also touched on the constant challenge of rising CPIs and shared strategical approaches on how to overcome it and get set for growth moving forward into 2020.

The role of AI and machine-learning technologies with predictive algorithms were particularly in the spotlight of the conversation. A lot of insider information was shared by Google regarding Universal App Campaigns, how to adapt to the shift of all mobile app install campaigns coming together under one umbrella, and what to expect from this change.

It was a unique opportunity for the audience to get a 360° view of the industry and learn from the experts on how to overcome the current UA challenges, while seeking innovative ways to fuel app growth going into the near future.

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Video Coverage

Oren Kaniel: Measure Twice, then Measure Again | Casual Connect Video

October 25, 2013 — by Catherine Quinton


“If you overcome the challenges of mobile analytics, the next could be here,” says Oren Kaniel to his audience at Casual Connect Kyiv 2013.


Oren Kaniel, Co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer

Oren Kaniel, Co-founder and CEO of AppsFlyer, tells us that the main driver behind the origin of his company was seeing advertisers invest heavily on ads without knowing what return they had on this investment. He insists, “All product companies should measure everything. If you can’t measure it, you are doing something wrong.” He also maintains, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

Developing Transparency

Kaniel responded to the need he saw by developing a platform to allow advertisers to know exactly how their media investment is performing. Their holistic approach measures all media, including paid, organic, viral, and social sources, without compromising user experience or accuracy. The company focuses constantly on the investment aspect of digital advertising. In doing so, they are able to consider what the advertisers need even before they ask for it.

Finding his Passion

All product companies should measure everything. If you can’t measure it, you are doing something wrong. What gets measured gets managed.

Founding this company has been the highlight of Kaniel’s career. He had always intended to create his own startup company and looked constantly for something he could fall in love with. AppsFlyer turned out to be just the right fit, and he says he feels lucky to have found something he loves to do for a living.

He admits that starting a company has been a huge challenge, but insists that doing something he believes in and enjoys has helped him overcome all the problems involved in reaching success.

In his previous career experiences, Kaniel realized he used less than 10 percent of his potential. But in establishing AppsFlyer, he discovered he was good at things he had never before been aware of. Now he is committed to empowering his team to do the same. He truly enjoys seeing the team develop to new heights doing things they had never expected to do when they joined.

Sharing His Company’s Core Beliefs

Kaniel’s company works on a set of beliefs:

  • “~We encourage maximizing employees’ potential.
  • ~We are proud of our creation, and we deliver it with our own personal signature.
  • ~We are super smart, out-of-the box, fearless team players.
  • ~Making mistakes is human and a crucial part of learning.
  • ~Learning is endless.
  • ~We have our clients in mind in every decision we make.
  • ~Success is never accidental.
  • ~Work should be fun, challenging and satisfying.
  • ~“Just do it!” is a way of life.”

The Tip of the Iceberg

Kaniel believes the mobile advertising industry is just in its infancy. In the next few years, he sees mobile increasingly consuming advertising budgets worldwide. This will happen when ads stop being annoying and instead become a value-added service. He states that AppsFlyer is building the technology that enables this today. It is presently the leading platform for mobile campaign measurement and engagement analytics. Their future plans include building the technology to allow marketers to become totally immersed in mobile.