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Ehren J. Brav, Entrepreneur with a New Touch | Casual Connect Video

September 30, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'You need to provide a great experience once the initial novelty has worn off.' - Ehren J. BravClick To Tweet

During a lecture given during the Casual Connect USA by Ehren J. Brav, we had the chance to hear about the wearable haptice devices which he views as the next frontier in virtual and augmented reality. As we have already seen, PCs and consoles as well as the newest VR gear already fully engage our eyes and our ears, but our sense of touch is almost totally ignored. Haptic feedback provides users a whole new level of immersion – it provides a ‘sixth sense’ within the game that we could only dream of having in real life. As the founder of OmniWear Haptics, Ehren shared, “It gives you a situational awareness just so far beyond what you’d otherwise have in the game. And haptics allow you to create entirely new senses as well, like if another player is looking at you – these are sensory inputs we can only dream of having in real life!”