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Jeffrey Narlinger: Get Creative and Be Noticed | Casual Connect Video

August 25, 2014 — by Catherine Quinton


Jeffrey Narlinger shared his experience about marketing a game and provided some advice. “If you don’t have a big marketing budget, take some time and send those emails off and don’t be scared of any backlash because at the end of the day, people understand,” he shared. “It’s your game. its your baby. You try, you push, you push hard, and put it out there. You can’t be scared to do that; you’ve got to spend the time.”

fly by gameplay
FLY BY! was released earlier this month on Android and iOS

At Casual Connect USA, Jeffrey Narlinger was excited to announce that Avocoder is releasing their second casual mobile game called Fly By! on iOS and Android. Designed to be an addicting game for casual users who want a highly competitive physical experience like Flappy Bird, but also want to see themselves achieving and advancing through the game. As the users play, they can earn game currency and unlock characters, each with a special ability to improve the score.

The Pain of User Acquisition and the Future of Mobile

The biggest issue facing developers today is user acquisition, according to Narlinger. To mitigate this challenge, he responds with creativity, considering this the best way to have a game noticed.

He has seen the mobile games industry changing so quickly that he finds it difficult to envisage what will happen in the future. However, he expects monetization with iADs and other companies to be a massive driver and believes bigger and bigger companies will be pumping more money into mobile ads over the next couple of years, “It will be interesting to see what how it goes.”

The Reward of the Games Industry

For Narlinger, the fun of the games industry comes when you are starting a new game, “There is nothing more fun than conceptualizing and creating those first POCs for a game.”

Avocoder's Flagship game in 2014 for iOS. This puzzle/adventure game reached #2 on TouchArcade's hotlist. Delivers stunning visuals and unique game mechanics to mobile devices.
Avocoder’s Flagship game in 2014 for iOS. This puzzle/adventure game reached #2 on TouchArcade’s hotlist, and delivers stunning visuals and unique game mechanics to mobile devices.

After all the hard work is completed comes the reward with the proudest moment of Narlinger’s career in delivering Kelso’s Quest to the public. After working on it for 10 months, it was amazing for him to have it released and to see his friends playing it.

Jeffrey Narlinger, CEO, Avocoder
Jeffrey Narlinger, CEO, Avocoder

About Avocoder and Narlinger

Narlinger is CEO of Avocoder, where, as lead game producer, he is responsible for concept, idea creation, level design and direction of development. He also builds the development team, manages and analyzes incoming data, produces financial models, and manages B2B relationships and sales. His dream has always been to create games, and 18 months ago, he was able to make this desire a reality.

With the little time Narlinger has away from work, he likes to cook, surf, hit the bars with his friends, or do anything active. As a game developer, he spends much of his time behind a desk, so whenever he has the opportunity, he likes to get out and be active or social.