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Damon Marshall: Native Advertising Formats Adapting to New Devices | Casual Connect Video

March 10, 2014 — by Catherine Quinton


At Casual Connect Europe, Damon Marshall announced that SupersonicAds’ engagement-based ad server, Ultra, will now support new ad formats, including non-incentivized ad units, such as video interstitials and static placements, and a variety of native advertising components. This will give publishers an end-to-end platform to deploy a comprehensive ad monetization strategy.

Damon Marshall, Vice President of Business Development at SupersonicAds, got his start in the game industry in 2005 when he joined the Gaming Business Unit of Macrovision. At that time, he was an experienced business development and sales professional. He decided to put his skills to work in the exciting industry of video games at a time when people were still paying $20 to download a game to their PCs. What he enjoys most about being a part of this industry is its ever-changing nature as a form of entertainment that embraces technology to bring fun into many people’s lives.

At SupersonicAds, Damon leads a Publisher Sales Team of seven people. His job is to illustrate to developers and publishers why theirs is the ideal platform for ad monetization. Their goal is to integrate SupersonicAds’ technology into as many apps as possible. Because Damon has been in sales and business development throughout his career, he has made contacts that, along with his expertise in connecting with people, have brought him great success in the two years he has been with SupersonicAds. In 2013, Damon started the Publisher Sales Team from ground zero. By the third quarter, the company had hit their targets for the first time in two years, an accomplishment he feels is the proudest moment of his career.

Damon Marshall
Damon Marshall

It Never Gets Old

Damon tells us he continues in the game industry because he is learning so much, and every day is challenging and never boring. He claims, “It is the perfect mix of entertainment and technology. Even outside the industry, the experience I have gained in games is highly coveted by many companies looking to leverage games for their own objectives.”

The biggest trend impacting the game industry, in his opinion, is the renaissance advertising formats are undergoing as they adapt to new devices and new behaviors. He claims, “We are about to see a major shift in ad budgets to mobile formats, as only three percent of the US ad spend in 2013 ran on mobile. It is a very exciting time to be in consumer tech!”

Damon Marshall presenting at Casual Connect Europe 2014
Damon Marshall presenting at Casual Connect Europe 2014

Making Time for Hobbies

When Damon has time away from his work, he is involved in a number of hobbies, including playing drums in a neighborhood band, golfing, watching live music, cooking and being outdoors. He also loves spending time with his family, especially his five-year-old son and two-year-old daughter.

These days, the game he plays most is Fresh Deck Poker – he loves the “first person” view of the poker table. He prefers playing on iOS and does not own an Android device as of yet.