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Peter Robinson: A Focus on Kids Games | Casual Connect Video

May 18, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

I honestly can't remember the last time where I didn't learn something new at work.. - Peter RobinsonClick To Tweet

Entertainment for kids is a rich and complex market. At Casual Connect Europe, a session titled Anticipating 2017 Trends…and What to Do About Them, Dubit Global Head of Research Peter Robinson illustrated the when, where and why of entertainment for kids. During this session, Peter described how to turn forecasts into strategy in development and marketing for modern day kids.
Analysts try to predict where technology, platforms and content are likely to go in the coming year. With new findings from Dubit Trends’ international survey of 2 to 15-year-olds, learn how you too can take advantage of the fact that “Gaming is a main thing kids use the tablets for” and “1/4 of kids media time is on games.” To learn more about kids entertainment consumption and how to understand what is coming next, be sure to watch the video of Peter’s session from Casual Connect Europe.

Europe 2016Video Coverage

Clark Stacey: Children’s Games that are Fun, Social and Beautiful | Casual Connect Video

May 18, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'The idea that we are fueling curiosity is one of the best parts of coming to work.' - Clark StaceyClick To Tweet

Tweens are at the crossroads of crucial debates like F2P design versus the ethical monetization of children, kids’ online safety and more. Nine months ago, WildWorks launched a mobile version of Animal Jam, its web-based social game for tweens. Tune in to, CEO of Wildworks, Clark Stacey’s talk at Casual Connect Europe to find out what they learned about tween games and moving millions of players from web to mobile with an innovative but unproven business model. Some specific things to note from Clark’s talk include: “The top grossing games for kids are not in the kids category.”, “Parents are not friction in our payment flow, they are our customers.” and “Rule for IAP: Don’t sell disappointment.”

Europe 2016Video Coverage

Goran Ivašić Aims for Fun as Teaching Tool in Kids Games | Casual Connect Video

April 4, 2016 — by Casey Rock

'The most rewarding part are those moments along the way.' - Goran IvašićClick To Tweet

The freemium business model has long been seen as a controversial way to monetize mobile applications, especially when talking about apps designed for the youngest. Tune in to a lecture from Casual Connect Europe as Goran Ivašić from Toonia explains why the freemium business model has been the perfect way for a small independent studio to network connections or marketing budget and why they believe that (with some restrictions) the freemium model can benefit both children as well as their parents. During the talk, Goran reflected, “We know that there is a problem with the in app purchases and a lot of people hate in app purchases, especially when it comes to kids.” Tune in below to hear the rules that Toonia sticks to and what has worked for them.