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Astral Breakers: Inspired By Disagreement of Two Gamers

December 22, 2015 — by Industry Contributions


Intropy Games is a two person game studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Founded in 2012 by lifelong gamers Lisa Walkosz-Migliacio and Michael Migliacio, the studio originally focused on “bringing the cute” to the iOS AppStore – finding some success with their first mobile title, the recipe-crafting, saccharine-sweet Usagi-chan Bunny Treats. Now, the dynamic duo has console gaming in its sights, blasting off for the Wii U eShop with their multiplayer action puzzle game, Astral Breakers. Lisa shares the story. 

Europe 2014Video Coverage

Wojciech Borczyk: Createrria, Growth through Gaming | Casual Connect Video

February 26, 2014 — by Catherine Quinton


At Casual Connect Europe, Wojciech Borczyk revealed upcoming features for Createrria, Createrria is the platform that allows players to create their own games.


Wojciech Borczyk and Jakub Duda
Wojciech Borczyk and Jakub Duda, Founders of Incuvo

Wojciech Borczyk, co-founder of Incuvo, founded the game development startup in 2012 with Jakub Duda. His love of games began as a child, and his desire to create games started almost as early. He convinced his brother to teach him programming, and a few weeks later he had made his first game. Although it was a very simple game, he said, “Watching those pixels obey my orders and watching my friends play it – you can’t describe that with words.” He continues in the games industry because of his love for games and because of the new learning opportunities. What he enjoys the most is the chance to continue doing what he loves with his colleagues. However, if Borczyk was not in the games industry, he would be developing his scientific and academic career. He has a PhD in Informatics and Computer Graphics and enjoys teaching.

Because Incuvo is still a small company, Borczyk’s work encompasses many different areas including design, programming, and fundraising. His previous game industry and business software experience, combined with his scientific career, have all been beneficial in his new company. He also learned many helpful skills as a demo scene member.

Creating with Createrria

Borczyk tells us the formation of Createrria has been the most exciting time of his career. Borczyk emphasizes that he loved creating games as a child, but it was a difficult thing to do. “I always wanted people to experience how it feels to create your own game, but to take the hassle away. And now I know we’ve done it right,” he said.

Incuvo team
The Incuvo Team

Incuvo is focusing on community trends with Createrria. They believe user-generated games will be huge. This opinion is certainly well-founded, given that within the first month after a worldwide launch, people created over 700,000 games in Createrria. And although Createrria was not created specifically for children, Incuvo has enjoyed seeing it embraced by young people.

A Long-Time Gamer

Wojciech Borczyk
Wojciech Borczyk

As a longtime gamer, Borczyk currently enjoys playing Zelda Wind Waker HD on Wii U. He prefers Nintendo platforms, and is spending more and more time on Wii U. For mobile games, he prefers iOS to Android, feeling its user experience is superior.

The trend that Borczyk sees most influencing the game industry during the next few years is the new wave of virtual reality equipment. He claimed Oculus Rift is taking it in the right direction. “However, I believe this won’t be an experience for the masses (too many people experiencing heavy side effects),” he said. “Also, the technology gets better and better, but I haven’t seen a polished game experience.” But he also noted that the controls are challenging and pointed out, “Now that your brain is tricked into thinking ‘I am there,’ many things that were acceptable are no longer.”