Atoms: From College Project, to Hobby and Beyond

January 16, 2019 — by Industry Contributions


The following Postmortem is by a winner of Gamacon 2018 which is a nomination partner of Indie Prize. As a winner, Juan Pablo Méndez Altuzar is provided with 2 free conference passes and free spot to showcase his game at Indie Prize. Gamacon is a convention for independent game developers. It is a conference which celebrates the artistry and fans of indie game development. Juan has decided to participate at Casual Connect USA 2019 in August at Indie Prize.

Juan standing with Hugo, Gamacon organizer and Juan’s booth with his prize to Casual Connect

At the event, Juan met a person that became his friend there, and this new friend seemed more excited about him winning than he felt. He relates that was because it all felt like a dream, “I was all like: really? Holy cow, I didn’t think I’d win.” When asked how he feels about coming to Casual Connect and competing at Indie Prize, he said “It does still feel kinda unreal, but it makes me really excited. I’ve seen a ton of videos of Indie Prize and oh, boy – I wanna go! I feel really pumped! It also pumps me to polish the hell outta my game to share it at Casual Connect.  

My name is Juan and a few years ago I set myself the goal of releasing a simple game I could complete on my own.

The original idea for the game started as my college graduation project. I wanted to create an educational game that was as attractive as any commercial game. One that could simultaneously appeal to gamers and to students seeking to learn whatever the game wanted to teach.

USA 2015Video Coverage

Capturing Creativity with Game Designer Rodolfo Magallon | Casual Connect Video

November 2, 2015 — by Steve Kent

'A game is a collaborative product and the result is the souls of the developers.' - Rodolfo MagallonClick To Tweet

Rodolfo Magallon is a game designer at Kaxan Games. He has worked on many games for mobile and console, including El Chavo for the Nintendo Wii and Taco Master for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Rodolfo is convinced that a good game comes from the feel and innovative gameplay. During his talk at Casual Connect USA, he offered tips on how to make your game engaging. “Building a good character is very important because it gives you transmedia material, it gives you a way for your game to have an identity”, he explained. The importance of the tutorial was shown when they moved from a long one that was very boring to one that was only 30 seconds long. This was much more effective. Rodolfo believes that teaching the player how to play quickly is one of the most important things for mobile developers.