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Strategy in a Shifting Industry with Chris DeWolfe| Casual Connect Video

July 26, 2016 — by Industry Contributions

'You have to be on the same page. If you're not, you are not going to get the deal.' - Chris DeWolfeClick To Tweet

The old paradigm is dead. Meet the new one: Gamertainment. During an interview at Casual Connect USA, SGN Co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe’s explained how games are becoming films at a faster rate than ever before and at the same time, well-known film/TV brands and celebrities are becoming games. Now, watching others play games is seen as entertainment. During this talk, Chris explains why he believes the boundaries which once defined entertainment and gaming are becoming more and more irrelevant, and how the former MySpace co-founder and CEO is evolving according to this belief. During the interview, Chris shared many insights about the game industry. As far as one of the kieys to success as a mobile game developer, Chris stressed to “Always add new content. If you are in Asia, you are adding new content every day or two. In the US, at a minimum, you are adding like every week or two or at least every month so it is a sort of living breathing organism that gets more and more interesting. There is always something new which is why these games last so long but from the IP rights holder and creator’s perspective, if you are not right on brand with them, . . . they are not going to approve your next build. So there is massive collaboration from the very beginning. You have to be on the same page. If you are not, you are essentially not going to get the deal.” To hear more, tune in and learn from an expert.

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The Best and Brightest of Indie Games Were Announced at the 15th Indie Prize Awards

July 20, 2016 — by Yuliya Moshkaryova


in San Francisco during Casual Connect USA.

I will take you through the the best and the brightest games in game industry to make sure you are introduced to the new upcoming hits in game development! From 293 game applications, Indie Prize judges selected 100 the best indie games. These winning teams were provided with a scholarship to participate in the biggest showcase for indie developers along with other finalists. From there the judges narrowed the games down further to the top ten games, worthy of recognition!

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John Cooney: Don’t Stop Building Games Ever | Casual Connect Video

July 7, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'On week nights I will be at the climbing gym bouldering up the newest problems!' - John CooneyClick To Tweet

Are you an independent developer? Then, hear ye year ye! This talk from Casual Connect Asia 2016 gave real life examples of various pitches that Kongregate has heard over the years and how to learn and improve from them. John Cooney and Melinda Montano described how you can pick the right publisher for you and your game and also stand out to a publisher. Remember: “A publisher is not an ATM Machine.” – John Cooney. To hear more from Melinda and John, see the session video below.

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Chenyu Cui and Analyzing Fun | Casual Connect Video

July 6, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'The lack of good hardware for the Chinese market is the main problem.' - Chenyu CuiClick To Tweet

With China’s console ban lifted and the growth of Android-based set-top boxes, TV games look like the new blue sea for games publishers and/or developers. However, due to younger players and SARFT censorship, sales are not encouraging. The exception in China is VR which has sparked a new industry passion for TV games. In this session from Casual Connect Asia, analyst for IHS Chenyu Cui discussed the VR market in China and shared IHS’ forecast of installed headsets and sales value. Chenyu explained, “The future Chinese VR market will be relatively small. Most of the future market will be made of adapter headset which doesn’t give good quality or a good experience. The lack of good hardware for the Chinese market is the main problem.” To learn more about VR in the Chinese market, watch this video of Chenyu’s complete session.

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Robin Ng: Creating World Peace with Video Games | Casual Connect Video

June 30, 2016 — by David Radd

'Be proud and be excited! We are a part of the future and future lies in our hands!' - Robin NgClick To Tweet

Southeast Asia (SEA) is a quickly growing region where many publishers and game companies are growing and expanding their publishing efforts. With so many available, this creates strong competition for game developers in licensing or finding a publishing partner in SEA. In a session during Casual Connect Asia, Robin Ng, Director of International Business and Strategic Development for ASiasoft, addressed the many factors publishers look at in a game which makes them ideal for publishing in SEA. Robin also explained what kind of games that are appealing in the SEA region. Robin explained, “Licensing of a game is more like a marriage between two parties so it is not a customer and client relationship. It is more like a marriage relationship.” For publishers, they have to be choosey and careful. Learn more about how they choose.

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Martin Macmillan on Ensuring Success For Your Game | Casual Connect Video

June 28, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


What will it take to make sure your game will succeed? If you believe that visibility resulting from a high ranking on the app store charts is what ensures success, you are not alone. But Martin Macmillan, CEO of Pollen VC, has some information that may alter your thinking.

Martin IMG_4521 XPollen VC is a data-driven financial service that gives developers faster access to their app store revenues. Developers can then rapidly reinvest their earnings into their businesses, becoming less reliant on credit or investment. They can then finance user acquisition and growth securely and cost effectively.

Research from Pollen VC shows that, even without a Top 25 ranking in the app store, an increasing number of games are generating revenues of more than a million dollars a year. Martin’s session at Casual Connect Asia described how your game can do the same and how to prepare for launch to ensure success. Martin pointed out, “Recycling revenue gives you 4x more User Acquisition. More than 2000 developers makes $1,000,000 USD a year.” If you would like to learn more, watch the video of Martin’s full session below.


To read more about Martin Macmillan including a lecture from Casual Connect 2015, see this exclusive article.

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Chin Hooi Yen: Understanding Preference Shares | Casual Connect Video

June 27, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


Chin Hooi Yen picChin Hooi Yen, who has been named a leading lawyer in the Asia Pacific Legal 500 and several other publications, is the founder of the Singapore law firm Polaris Law Corporation. Hooi Yen is passionate about working with investors and startups, guiding them through the unfamiliar legal and commercial challenges.

Hooi Yen’s session at Casual Connect Asia offered help in understanding the alien legal territory that startups face, including the legal nature of preference shares, the common terms used in relation to preference shares, as well as their impact on a funding round. Investors will commonly ask for preference share rights. “The rights of the shares are determined and always in control by the company. Be careful and read properly!”, stated Hooi Yen. To arm yourself with more of the knowledge you need to negotiate this area, be sure to watch the full video of this session.


To read more about Chin Hooi Yen see this exclusive article and lecture from Casual Connect Asia 2015.


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Robby Yung: Connecting with Kids | Casual Connect Video

June 25, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


ryung“I’ll show you how to reach customers outside your game. You can reach customers you would not ordinarily reach by creating a fan base,” offered Robby Yung, CEO at Animoca Brands, to the audience at Casual Connect Asia. You too can get some advice from a leading publisher and developer of mobile games in the video below. As CEO, Robby focuses on creating and publishing games from Animoca’s library of licensed intellectual property. Robby’s prior experience in the games industry includes co-founding both Redgate Media and One Media Group.

During the talk, Robby examined current trends in mobile entertainment for children, including the brands, the charts and the evolving consumer base, with special emphasis on how to connect with this consumer base. Robby said, “Kids used to have to borrow devices. Then they get old devices. Now they have their own primary device.” To learn more, watch this video of the session below.


To read more about this great developer and publisher, see this exclusive article.


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Andrew Chang: A Visual Society Where People Connect | Casual Connect Video

June 24, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'We need to keep learning and improving ourselves to provide the best to players.' - Andrew ChangClick To Tweet

Learn from those that know in this Ask Me Anything  – Publishing in Asia panel from Casual Connect Europe. Be imparted with some serious wisdom about the Asian game market including: Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, and South-East Asia, even the answers to questions you never had a chance to ask. Co-Founder of RedAtoms, Andrew Chang was one of the panelists. To learn more of what Andrew had to say and other publishing professionals, tune in below.