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Jakob Lykkegaard and How Data Transformed Teams and Games at Playlab | Casual Connect Video

October 25, 2015 — by Emily Baker


Jakob LykkegaardJoin the CEO & Co-founder of Playlab Jakob Lykkegaard as he spoke at Casual Connect USA last August. He talked about how Playlab manages their internal teams in Bangkok and Manila with data and how they have created an internal economy to give game teams and producers freedom to pick while still keeping accountability and high creativity alive. He also touched on how Playlab is scaling this way with help from external game teams. He iterated, “Vietnam and Malaysia are South-East Asia’s fastest growing markets for mobile gaming and revenue.”

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Chris Natsuume: A Force for Good in the Developing World | Casual Connect Video

September 18, 2015 — by Gamesauce Staff

'I don’t know anyone that has ever regretted getting a degree in programming.' - Chris NatsuumeClick To Tweet

As the moderator of the Publishing Panel, Chris Natsuume, Business Director of Boomzap Entertainment, led the discussion at Casual Connect Asia about the booming Southeast Asia market. Opportunities and challenges abound in the region, “As this part of the world gets more interesting, people from outside are going to want to get involved in this.”

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Sourabh Ahuja: Achieving Childhood Dreams and Going Beyond | Casual Connect Video

September 8, 2015 — by Gamesauce Staff

'I think what we did with Kim Kardashian started a new genre.' – Sourabh AhujaClick To Tweet

In an interview at Casual Connect Europe, Sourabh Ahuja described the success of Glu’s Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and how the deal came about. “We had a successful engine, which had worked before — Stardom Hollywood was the game, and we were trying to make a low-cost way of making something successful, but trying to solve the user acquisition problem, which had gotten more and more expensive,” he said. Once they licensed the game with Kim Kardashian, and she tweeted about it, however, the game went from around 100 installs a minute to 10 times that much. For the details, watch the video below.

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David Mohr and the Power in Mutual Respect | Casual Connect Video

June 23, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'Cultural differences, time zones, email communication can create a lot of WTF moments' - David MohrClick To Tweet

In this presentation from Casual Connect Europe 2015, David Mohr shared some of the challenges and knowledge gained from taking GAMEVIL’s international publishing to the next level. He also talked about why publishers are still ever relevant in our global world. Even with all of our technology, we still need face-to-face time. During his talk, David illustrated, “Cultural differences, time zones, email communication can create a lot of WTF moments. Being present locally and able to do face-to-face removes a lot of anxiety.”

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Jakob Lykkegaard: Building a Sustainable Business | Casual Connect Video

June 9, 2015 — by Catherine Quinton

'Playlab will do only freemium; that is the only way forward.' –Jakob LykkegaardClick To Tweet
Jakob Lykkegaard
Jakob Lykkegaard, CEO of Playlab

Last year, Playlab grew from 20 people to 100, and CEO Jakob Lykkegaard detailed what the company is doing to make sure success doesn’t crush out creativity in his Casual Connect Asia 2015 lecture. “One of the reasons for that [growth] is that last year, we at Casual Connect also met Niel [Dagondon] from Anino Games, and we acquired that studio in Manila a month after Casual Connect or so,” Jakob says.