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TROPHiT Opens Up Facebook Offers for Mobile Game Giveaways

March 7, 2017 — by Sagi Mann from TROPHiT


Facebook Offers Are No Longer Just for Brands

Value-Driven Marketing (VDM) has been part of retail for decades, however, as explored in my Gaming VDM intro, the road to its adaptation by mobile gaming has been challenging yet insightful.

In that context, Facebook Offers is a great tool to effectively target people with valuable offers. Back in 2015, convincing a mobile game publisher to use Facebook Offers as any other traditional marketing channel has proven somewhat challenging, and for a good reason they said: Facebook Offers are for brands, aren’t they? Naturally, as no industry standard existed to turn game virtual items into marketable offers (oh, and in-house attempts to do so have been too basic or too scarce), so how could any mobile game publisher consider Facebook Offers seriously as a valid channel? There was literally no accumulated marketing skills to even build a solid plan. We felt we had to pick up that glove.


Value-Driven Game Marketing Chronicles, Part 1

December 2, 2015 — by Sagi Mann from TROPHiT

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Bottom line: I feel it’s important I share some experience about how I envision Value-Driven Marketing could apply to mobile games and how game developers could benefit from it today. Now, on with our story.

I found myself in the mobile advertising industry by accident. After 15+ years in corporate R&D and nearly twice as long as a gamer, I guessed I could muster up the skills to finally combine these two passions. I opened a small outsourcing company back in 2010 and set off on a journey into startups, games and mobile.