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Edward McNeil: Bringing Indie to VR | Casual Connect Video

September 17, 2016 — by David Radd

As an indie, 'there's nothing quite like having total control of your own art.' - Edward McNeilClick To Tweet

While big companies are likely to enter the VR space in the big way, it is currently an amusing space for the indies to explore and experiment with. In the Casual Connect USA session simply titled How to Pick a VR Platform indie developer Edward McNeil, the creator of Darknet and Tactera from Indie Prize, explains differences between several new VR platforms, including the Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift and more, drawing on his experience and perspective after launching two VR titles.

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A Once in a Generation Moment with Clive Downie | Casual Connect Video

September 6, 2016 — by Industry Contributions


At Casual Connect USA 2016, Unity Technologies CMO Clive Downie spoke about his predictions for the VR and AR market, the role mobile will play in widespread adoption, and the new not-yet-developed rules for VR and AR creation. He described that we are at a “once in a generation moment” where he reassured pioneers that these new platforms, like electricity and the internet before them, would have “supremely powerful outcomes on humanity.” Downie sees great potential for VR and AR as a means to make life “richer” and time more valuable, transporting you instantly to other locations and unlocking access to education, science, design, healthcare and more. He went on to explain how mobile advancements, like Google Daydream, Facebook’s 360 video and Samsung Gear are all critical components that will drive main consumer use of VR and AR over the next few years.

unity-logoClive joined Unity last year as Chief Marketing Officer, where he oversees global strategies and tactics in customer marketing, product marketing and ecommerce.

Before joining Unity, Clive served as COO for Zynga where he successfully transitioned the company’s revenue and audience to mobile, and also held the role of CEO of DeNA West, the company’s American and European division.

Unity is far and away the largest game development platform, with over 5.5M registered developers ranging from AAA including Google, Square Enix and EA to indies including Playdead and Owlchemy Labs. In Q2, Unity games saw more than 4.4B installs across more than 1.7B unique devices worldwide. More recently, Unity’s also seen a surge in development for VR and AR, serving as the software behind such marquee experiences as The VOID’s Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Niantic’s Pokemon Go, Google’s Tilt Brush and many more.


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Andrei Gradinari’s Journey to Spooky Success | Casual Connect Video

April 8, 2016 — by Steve Kent

'A truly great game can be enjoyed by absolutely everyone.' - Andrei GradinariClick To Tweet

At Casual Connect Europe, Andrei Gradinari took the stage and described the challenges of game development for smartwatches. Andrei covered UI/gameplay and technical problems that Spooky House Studios encountered and how they solved them in the process of porting over their existing games and designing new games for smartwatches. Wearable devises “are on pare with phones that were on the market a couple of years ago . . . You get pretty decent frame rate in any game you port”, said Andrei during the session.

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Henry Lowenfels: The Most Dynamic Entertainment Industry | Casual Connect Video

March 25, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


henrylowenfelsWhat’s coming next in the game industry? Today is bringing more opportunities than ever, whether in console or mobile, AAA or indie, VR or eSports, for investing and creativity. The games industry is the most dynamic entertainment industry in the world, with new markets emerging and the audience growing every year.

As one of Casual Connect Europe’s panel of experts discussing what to expect, Henry Lowenfels brings extensive knowledge from experience in the gaming and entertainment industries. Henry is Vice President of Business Development at Scopely, a touchscreen entertainment network based in Los Angeles and is responsible for spearheading partnerships with developers and IP holders to build engaging free-to-play experiences. During Henry’s time at Scopely, they have published six consecutive #1 apps, including The Walking Dead, Road to Survival and Yahtzee with Buddies. After graduating from Harvard University and the Peter Stark Producing Program at USC, Henry began a career producing independent feature films (Rock the Bells, Visioneers) as well as branded digital content with companies such as Xbox and Gatorade. Henry headed story development at Unique Features, a Warner Bros production company , and led business development at X-UP, a commercial production company.

To learn more of Henry’s insights into today’s opportunities in the game industry, view the video of the panel discussion below.

For more about Henry Lowenfels, click here for an exclusive article on gamesauce.