Asia 2018ContributionsDevelopmentVideo Coverage

MyTona: How to Make Your Arts Work | Casual Connect Video

December 6, 2018 — by Industry Contributions


Asia 2018ContributionsDevelopmentVideo Coverage

MyTona: How to Make Your Arts Work | Casual Connect Video

December 6, 2018 — by Industry Contributions

In the gaming industry monetization is key to keeping in business and making new games. Conventional strategies include in-app purchases or ads and yet there is no single right answer for all games for a monetization strategy. Join Diana Platonova, CBO at MyTona, as she described evidence-based examples of what worked well for MyTona. In her talk, Customising for Your Audience: How Game Art Affects Monetization, at Casual Connect Asia, and see how they were able to incorporate these ideas into their game Seekers Notes. Diana advised, “Strive for excellence and never stop there. There is always something in your game that can be improved, changed or tested.” Tune in a video of the full lecture below.

MyTona was created 6 years ago and today it one of the largest and most successful game developer companies in Russia and the CIS. MyTona has 3 outstanding projects: Seekers Notes, Cooking Diary and Ravenhill. The team is continuously growing with over 450 professionals from different places of the world.

The flagman project of the company is Seekers Notes and we want to share one of the game’s key to success.

Understand Your Strong Sides

The formula of Seekers Notes’ success consists of many components, such as a creative idea, an interesting embodiment and the constant hard work of the team to improve the quality of the game. First of all, we realized that the importance of the phrase “love from the first sight.” You need to have excellent art that the player will absolutely love.

Our players note the beautiful and detailed graphics of Seekers Notes. It has a special artistic style, which distinguishes it from many hidden object games. The secret here is not only in beauty, but also in a unique fantasy setting, in the amazing imagination and in the detailed design of the characters.

Never Stop Perfecting

Having one of the best arts in the market is good, but how to improve them further? The answer is animation. Of course, animation is a great visual advantage in character creation. Animated graphics enliven the image, breathes the soul into the picture, and we place a strong emphasis on realism in the movements due to the high quality of the art and its detailing.

In one of our spring updates we have implemented the animation of the main characters and now we continue to add animations and improve the previous ones every update. By the way, update 1.25 was one of the best SN updates — besides animation, we also redrew many elements of the game.

After introducing character animation, the effect was immediately felt. The characters were transformed instantly, pleasant harmonious and smooth animation gave good visual feedback to the player’s actions.

All these advantages in the work on graphics significantly improve its quality and increase players’ sympathy many times over.

Love Your Characters and the Player Will Love Them

We also did one very interesting experiment. Recently, we began to notice that, despite having almost hundred unique characters in our game, audience has their own favourite. For example, the Woodsman is one of the most popular characters with a female audience of our game.

So we decided to do the offer with an animated woodsman to test if it will help boost conversion rate. After seeing such a courageous character, the players could not resist the offer. The animated beloved Woodsman offering the player thematic items delighted everyone.

We can see that the reskin offers allow you to increase the conversion by 60-95% and make people go “wow”.


Characters in the game are one of the most important things with an almost endless amount of possibilities to improve them. The key here is to carefully study and listen to your target audience since they help you to understand your product more and improve it.

Our game, created in the land of permafrost, became successful thanks to our friendly team, which proved that the impossible is possible. The main thing is to believe in the dream and love your players!

But be sure, the best is yet to come…


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