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Ellipsis: premium, no text, no ads, no IAP

June 29, 2016 — by Industry Contributions


Ellipsis is an award-winning action puzzler with retro-styled visuals and absolutely zero text. Designed from the ground up for touch devices, it was released on iOS in February 2016 and for Android on June 16th. Its intuitive concept is easy to understand but you soon uncover a deep and challenging universe of ever-evolving levels. Ellipsis is a polished game experience, developed with a bit of idealistic, opinionated approach. Released as a premium game, it features no text, no ads, no IAP. The developers headed by Yacine Salmi explore how these decisions impacted our development and release.)

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6 Sensational Indie Gaming Blogs

August 10, 2015 — by Industry Contributions

If you’re feeling bereft that E3 came and went, don’t worry, as the Casual Connect conference will take place in San Francisco on 11-13 August with even more exciting gaming news, panels, and lectures. Casual Connect is dedicated to supporting game developers, particularly in the indie field, to foster new talent and titles that push gaming forward with innovative ideas.

As any gaming enthusiast will tell you, a big part of gaming culture is blogging. Developers and marketers are discovering the power of the blogger review and are reaching out to bloggers who are consistently producing quality articles and reviews for their audience. Rotem Dahan & Dani Finkelstein from BlogsRelease have explored just a few notable influencers in the indie gaming world.