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Sharon Magen is Pioneering Mobile Marketing Automation | Casual Connect Video

August 20, 2014 — by Catherine Quinton


“You would be surprised by how many big companies fail to communicate with players after acquiring them because they don’t want to be a ‘bother’,” Sharon Magen explained during his lecture at Casual Connect USA 2014. “In fact, app publishers are leaving huge amounts of revenue on the table by not trying to win back some of the 80 percent of users who go dormant within the first month after download.”


Sharon Magen, Chief Revenue Officer, Appoxee

Sharon Magen is the chief revenue officer at Appoxee. He works across sales, marketing, and product to enhance their product offering and grow new business and revenues.

Appoxee is already pioneering what they believe will be the next important trend in the games industry and beyond; mobile marketing automation. By mobile marketing automation, he is referring to the use of software and other technologies to automatically send targeted, personal, and relevant messages to your user base. Magen believes, when done correctly, mobile marketing automation is very effective in increasing app engagement and retention and driving up revenues to games. He emphasizes, “As the world becomes increasingly mobile and app-centric, the need to automate mobile marketing processes and strategy will only intensify.”

In the coming months, Magen says Appoxee will unveil several new features to its platform that will help game publishers to continue to further target, personalize, and optimize their messages to users. This year, Appoxee has already introduced several engagement-boosting features, such as Best Time to Send, a proprietary algorithm that pinpoints the optimal time to deliver a message to a user based on his app usage patterns, and Personalized Messaging, which can boost push open rates by up to 3x.

“It has been a great year for Appoxee, and we’re excited to introduce some new features that will really help all our gaming clients really take their user engagement strategy to the next level,” Magen says.

A Personal Connection

Magen’s desire to be a part of the gaming industry stems from his personal love of gaming (from the original Nintendo GameBoy to the newest Playstation games). Magen also owns an Xbox One which was a gift from his wife’s father, who evidently didn’t want Magen spending time with his daughter, or so he believes.

With his firm love of games, Magen decided a few years ago to join with a good friend to do performance marketing in the games space. He has continued that mission with Appoxee, which has a strong roster of gaming clients, Social Point, Playtika and Playphone among them. A major reason he has continued in the industry is the fun people who are a part of it. He especially enjoys the science behind the monetization of games.

The Appoxee team enjoying some time away from work

When Magen has time away from work he enjoys spending time with his children, traveling, and playing his guitar.