ZPLAY Participates in Casual Connect: Committed to the Globalization Strategy

July 17, 2016 — by Industry Contributions



ZPLAY Participates in Casual Connect: Committed to the Globalization Strategy

July 17, 2016 — by Industry Contributions

Casual Connect USA will be held in San Francisco on 18th-20th July 2016. Talents in casual games will gather here, displaying a diversified window in the game industry. ZPLAY, with its popular mobile games PopStar! Official Version, BBTAN, Daddy Long Legs and new games BBTAN 2, Inner Circle, etc. will participate at Casual Connect USA, focusing on its diversified formats within game industry with game developers all over the world.



Striving in Development and Building a Global Reputation

ZPLAY has always been devoted in becoming a leading casual game publisher in the world.

With the gradual disappearance of population bonus, publishing games in the overseas market has increasingly became a rigid demand for domestic game enterprises. The international integration of mobile games has become an irreversible trend. However, in the American market, as one of the most important markets in the game industry, remains a high threshold for Chinese game enterprises. In order P4-500-500-Zplay Logoto cross this threshold successfully, we need both high quality products and good reputation.

Jack Ho, the CEO of ZPLAY well knows that in the times of internet and information, customers are used to being subject to the spontaneous public opinion. A bad reputation will be a devastating blow to an enterprise. Therefore, since the very beginning, Jack has always stressed the importance of building a strong and positive brand over time, emphasizing ZPLAY as a trusted publisher with global capabilities. The result has been that ZPLAY has been able to build and expand, and has seen its products well referred and downloaded more than 400 million times all over the world.

Being an Experienced Veteran and Innovator

The mobile internet industry is witness to a great market. It is predicted by eMarketer that the global mobile internet market size can achieve 700 billion dollars. By now, 32 mobile internet companies have already proven their existence with their 1 billion dollars in assets. In 2016, the global mobile internet market size has already achieved 41.5 billion dollars. The global mobile advertising spending will surpass 100 billion dollars.

With the “new normal” of global economy being further strengthened, ZPLAY will set sail further into Western markets. Concerning the transformation of the business model, Jack said that thanks to the huge user traffic, YUMIMOBI, our own mobile data operating platform was established in 2015, has covered over 400 million users, with its daily impressions being over 250 million times. It has become an important partners with Facebook, Iimobi, Guang Diantong (a measurable advertising result system of Tencent) and Baidu, etc. in delivering the highest overall revenue to them.

P5There are only 1440 minutes within a day. Provided that players spend 55 minutes on games each day on average, this will be a rather higher proportion of time devoted to games. ZPLAY shall always bear this in mind, operating the user experience attentively, illustrating unique views towards casual games, providing more excellent games, etc. One of our popular titles BBTAN has been featured on the home page of the App store several times. The retention rate in the following day has been over 80%. The global players are all impressed by the unique gaming charm of BBTAN.

With the rapid development of mobile internet, ZPLAY will make full use of its resources and advantages. CP (Content Provider) and SP (Service Provider), advertising, etc. are to develop a global mobile data operating platform. This will promote the common development of global industries and implement the grand vision of globalization strategy.



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