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Guy Charusadhirakul on Building a Successful Game Business in SEA

December 15, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton


Guy Charusadhirakul manages business development for Google Play in Southeast Asia, helping to grow the ecosystem of game and app developers in the region as he assists them to build successful global businesses using Google Play. Guy especially enjoys working with the creative people who are building fun, unique games, helping them reach millions of players globally and succeed with their businesses. Recently Gamesauce was able to interview Guy about his work with Google Play.

Gamesauce: Tell us about the work you do at your company. How did you come to work at your current company?

Guy Charusadhirakul: I manage business development for Google Play in Southeast Asia. Basically, that means I help grow ecosystem of game and app developers in the region and help them build successful global business with Google Play.

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Atsuo Nakayama: IP Business, Why and How | Casual Connect Video

August 26, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

Atsuo Nakayama speaking at Casual Connect Asia 2017.

How vulnerable is the game industry in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)? Its competitors in Japan and the US have an IP business foundation. Without the same foundation, Atsuo Nakayama maintains that ASEAN will lose ground in comparison.

Atsuo is President and COO of Bushiroad Singapore where they manage its TCG, Mobile game and Anime business that derives from the IPs they own, including Vanguard, Baddy Fight and BanG Dream. They also specialize in the IP business from their previous work as Studio Head and General Manager of Bandai Namco Studios in Vancouver and Singapore.

Atsuo described the process of creating the fan base for the game IP they were making, “It took a three year effort to crystallize IP with a certified core fan base.” Clearly this is not a quick and easy thing to do. But they insist that by following Bushiroad’s procedure in creating IP, developers will realize this is just what Singapore and the ASEAN countries should be targeting. Watch this video of Atsuo’s presentation at Casual Connect Asia to learn more about the importance of IP business.


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Nimit Panpalia on Monetization Strategy | Casual Connect Video

August 30, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Be local. Understand where your players are coming from and use the right ad network. - Nimit PanpaliaClick To Tweet

Nimit Panpalia, Global Head of Developer Acquisitions at POKKT, says, “I believe gaming will be the biggest growth industry in Southeast Asia and India, and I want to make a difference during the growth phase of gaming.” Nimit’s work focuses on interacting with game developers to show them how the POKKT SDK would be an asset in their monetization strategy. They discussed POKKT’s vision of the latter in a panel at Casual Connect Asia 2016 along with colleagues from Appodeal, VMAX, Vungle and AdColony, as well as shared more details of their personal views with Gamesauce: Nimit knows devs avoid ad networks and as a result, wants to become a part of their business.

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Andy Pichayapa and Reaching Indochina’s Mobile Market | Casual Connect Video

August 18, 2016 — by David Radd

'Whatever new platform that comes with convenience has a better chance of success.' - Andy PichayapaClick To Tweet

Join Andy Pichayapa of INi3 Digital and other publishing professionals in a panel from Casual Connect Asia. This panel (called The 20 Billion Dollar Market! Really?) raised a lot of questions on the international side of the mobile games business. One of the big questions was: Who is making money in this market and how? They discussed strategies from a publisher’s perspective as well as what a developer should deliver and be prepared for before searching for a publisher.

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Chin Hooi Yen: Understanding Preference Shares | Casual Connect Video

June 27, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


Chin Hooi Yen picChin Hooi Yen, who has been named a leading lawyer in the Asia Pacific Legal 500 and several other publications, is the founder of the Singapore law firm Polaris Law Corporation. Hooi Yen is passionate about working with investors and startups, guiding them through the unfamiliar legal and commercial challenges.

Hooi Yen’s session at Casual Connect Asia offered help in understanding the alien legal territory that startups face, including the legal nature of preference shares, the common terms used in relation to preference shares, as well as their impact on a funding round. Investors will commonly ask for preference share rights. “The rights of the shares are determined and always in control by the company. Be careful and read properly!”, stated Hooi Yen. To arm yourself with more of the knowledge you need to negotiate this area, be sure to watch the full video of this session.


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Robby Yung: Connecting with Kids | Casual Connect Video

June 25, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


ryung“I’ll show you how to reach customers outside your game. You can reach customers you would not ordinarily reach by creating a fan base,” offered Robby Yung, CEO at Animoca Brands, to the audience at Casual Connect Asia. You too can get some advice from a leading publisher and developer of mobile games in the video below. As CEO, Robby focuses on creating and publishing games from Animoca’s library of licensed intellectual property. Robby’s prior experience in the games industry includes co-founding both Redgate Media and One Media Group.

During the talk, Robby examined current trends in mobile entertainment for children, including the brands, the charts and the evolving consumer base, with special emphasis on how to connect with this consumer base. Robby said, “Kids used to have to borrow devices. Then they get old devices. Now they have their own primary device.” To learn more, watch this video of the session below.


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From Indie to Corporate: The Making of Jump Smash 15

September 22, 2015 — by Industry Contributions

Chia Jinlence
Chia Jinlence

Chia Jinlence is lead programmer for Jump Smash 15, released by Mediasoft Entertainment in April. In this postmortem, he details his work on Jump Smash, as well as his transition from indie developer to a programmer at Mediasoft, one of the largest developers in Malaysia.

For the last three years that I’ve been at Mediasoft Entertainment I’ve quickly seen it grow from a studio of five to almost 70. Our first game, “Ninja One Shot,” was ranked one of the Top 100 mobile puzzle games in four countries. Encouraged by our success, we pumped out a slew of about 40 casual games in the next two years. Not all the games ended up doing as well as our first did, and in retrospect it all was a learning platform that led to the development of Jump Smash.

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The Double Life of Juan Karlo Licudine | Casual Connect Video

September 6, 2015 — by Gamesauce Staff

'Now, we are making sure to test as early as we possibly can.' – Juan Karlo LicudineClick To Tweet

In his lecture Dev by Day, Dev by Night, Juan Karlo Licudine explained how he’s managed to work full-time as a game developer and simultaneously work on his own indie projects at Accidental Rebel Games during his recent Casual Connect Asia speech. Find out how he struck a deal with his employer, what he learned about time management and whether he recommends the double workload in the video below. If you are thinking of going down this road, Juan has some great tips for you. He pushed himself very hard to get his game done as fast as possible. Looking back, he points out that, “People aren’t really going to care how long it took you to make the game. . . They are not going to care. [How long it took you] won’t matter at all.”

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Elaine Huang: Touching the Future in Asia’s Games Industry | Casual Connect Video

July 2, 2015 — by Gamesauce Staff

'This is the best job ever. It allows me to play games during work hours.'–Elaine HuangClick To Tweet

Elaine Huang performed an interview with Touchten Games CEO Anton Soeharyo at Casual Connect Asia, exploring monetization strategies for Indonesia. “Indonesia is one of the fastest growing smartphone markets in the world,” Elaine said. “According to GFK, more than 50 million devices were purchased 2013-2014.” Watch the interview below for more actionable information.