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Meet the Indie Prize Serbia Entries from Eastern Europe

September 18, 2018 — by Catherine Quinton


The entries for Casual Connect‘s Indie Prize coming from Eastern Europe will challenge players in many different ways. A game may explore fighting with weapons that include ladles, chimney brushes and hair dryers, while another requires players to cooperate in teams to reach their objective. A more serious game explores the stages of grief as a different game explores a network of universes and another leads players to rely on their sense of hearing to explore. Players will need to use quick reflexes, logical thinking, puzzle solving skills and more in these games.

Game Title: Cube
Developer: ColdCoffee
Platform: Android
Country: Turkey

In this game, you are trying to reach the key with Cube while avoiding the tricks and overcoming the traps. To do so, you must keep your head, remain calm and don’t rush. But eventually this won’t be enough; the path ahead will only be revealed when Cube rotates on its axis.

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Allison Bilas: Data and Creativity Working Hand-in-Hand | Casual Connect Video

December 9, 2014 — by Gamesauce Staff


“Back when we were in the console days, it was ship your game. maybe it was successful, maybe it wasn’t. But you didn’t necessarily know how players were engaging deeply with your gameplay,” Allison Bilas explained during her session at Casual Connect Eastern Europe 2014. “Now with mobile, of course there’s this influx of data; it is a fire hose of data coming at you and allowing your to optimize your game. So it is an exciting time for using data, I think. It’s still surprisingly underused however.