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Wibe Wagemans: Creating Change in Consumer Behavior | Casual Connect Video

July 26, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

Solitary players are spending most if we put them into the most socially active room! - Wibe WagemansClick To Tweet

As the fastest growing social casino company, Huuuge Games is innovating through relentless focus on a real-time social multiplayer platform. At Casual Connect Asia, Wibe Wagemans spoke about how Huuuge Games has already achieved category leading monetization (ARPDAU) and has seen success with TV and digital ad campaigns and how Huuuge Games is going after new market segments and demographics. He reflected, “The funny thing is there are a lot of players in social casino who play slots solely alone. What we’ve discovered is if we put them in the same room room with other players, you can drive the ARPDAU for even 50-year-old players.” Keeping on top of updates is crucial to user retention. He explained, “I cannot emphasize enough how important speed is for a startup. We have cycles where we do updates every two weeks – which allows us to innovate way faster than anyone else in the industry.”


Predictive Analytics in Games

May 12, 2017 — by Industry Contributions


By devtodev analysts, Vera Karpova and Vasiliy Sabirov

Currently, product analytics reached a sufficiently high level of development. Many analytical systems are equipped with a variety of tools that will tell in detail how users behave in the application: when they buy, where they live, how much they cost for the company and how they leave.

These tools have become a part of daily life, regular monitoring; assistants in the decision-making process – now it is a must-have for any project.

Funnels and segments don’t surprise anybody anymore, and as in any other business, having reached the top of one reveals a will to go further and improve.

In this regard, the sphere of analytics is no exception, and in the past few years a new kind of data analysis – predictive analytics – began to develop.

You’ll also have an idea of predictive analytics, if you monitor the metrics on a daily or even hourly basis.

For example, you know that usually at 12 a.m. there are about 20,000 users in your game, and today this indicator is much lower. It equals 15,000 users. You understand that there is a trend for decline, which means that it is necessary to find the cause as soon as possible and improve the situation before the indicator falls even more.

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Barak Regev on Using Google Cloud Platform to Scale and Succeed

March 26, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton


Barak Regev, Director of Google Cloud Platform for EMEA of Google, says that the best things about working for Google are the amazing people, as well as the culture, goals and freedom of working at Google.

Barak Regev is Director of Google Cloud Platform, EMEA of Google

Barak had worked for Microsoft for seven years when Meir Brand, GM of Google IL, called, offering the opportunity to apply for a position establishing Google Enterprise in the EMEA region. This was six and a half years ago, and Barak was, of course interested. For the past four years, he has been leading the Google Cloud Platform business in EMEA, building and scaling the EMEA team responsible for sales and business development of Google’s Cloud Platform solutions. In this position, Barak must also hire the talent, expand Google’s ecosystem, evangelize Google’s solutions and, as he said, “inspire my people to think big.”

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Amit Bivas on the Most Effective Ways of Engaging with Your Players | Casual Connect Video

November 18, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

If you don't have a VIP plan in place, you're lunatics! - Amit BivasClick To Tweet

Do you know who your players are? Do you wonder how best to reach them? If so, there is no one better you could turn to than Amit Bivas, Head of Marketing at Optimove. Amit has far-reaching experience in planning, developing and executing marketing strategies for both B2B and B2C. Their skills and abilities combine the art and science of marketing, merging creativity with business acumen and benefitting from a strong background in data analytics and statistics.

Amit Bivas presenting at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016 in The Charles Bronfman Auditorium
Amit Bivas presenting at Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016 in The Charles Bronfman Auditorium

Amit emphasizes that players do not respond well to generic, mass marketing. It is much more effective to manage customer relationships through knowing who your players are and what unique affinities and tendencies they have. Maintaining a long term relationship requires intelligent behavior-based communications. In this session at Casual Connect Tel Aviv, Amit described the seven most common player personas and the most effective methods of engaging with them. Amit explained, “Optimove had analyzed a massive amount of data and can recommend how to approach players from 6 different personas – varying on an axis of spenders to non-spenders; and on an axis of player stage (new – active – churned – re-engaged).” They recommend first understanding your players, then interacting and only then monetizing. To learn more, watch this video of the full session below.


To read more about Amit, see this exclusive article.

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Ricardas Jascemskas: Connecting with a Great User Experience | Casual Connect Video

May 10, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


Ricardas Jascemskas headshotHow do you provide a great user experience? According to Ricardas Jascemskas, it takes a combination of support, social media and community management activities. Ricardas is a communications manager working with Nordcurrent’s social media, PR, community management and support activities, and is responsible for the constant and clear communication with players in a variety of forms.

At Casual Connect Europe, Ricardas shared the Nordcurrent teams’ ideas about direct communication with players and some of their best practices. One of the important points Ricardas makes is “everyone loves free stuff” so when things go wrong, “even if it’s not our fault, we may give some free gifts for the lost time.” In the constant search for ways to encourage connections with players, Ricardas suggests, “A screen shot is easy; ask for them from players.”

To learn more about Ricardas’ perceptions about developing a great user experience, watch this video of the full session.


For an more information about Ricardas, click here.

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Henning Kosmack: Putting “Life-time” Back Into LTV | Casual Connect Video

April 13, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Henning Kosmack

Henning Kosmack is an entrepreneur whose latest venture, MegaZebra, pioneered the social gaming/free-to-play space in Europe. The company is now moving its category-leading titles into cross platform. Henning has also co-founded a media agency and an e-commerce site.

At Casual Connect Europe, Henning focused on the crucial question for every studio: how to remain profitable, especially with eCPI on the rise. Henning shared how MegaZebra approaches this challenge through maximizing LTV by focusing on the “Life-time” aspect of the equation. For long term projects, Henning advised, “You have to think about stuff for that team because everybody wants to develop as a person and that is why it is important to take into consideration the personal growth of the people on that team.” To discover how they have created evergreen titles and what they are working on next, watch this video of the full session below.


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