Game Developers in the Future – How it Will Be

March 29, 2018 — by Industry Contributions



Game Developers in the Future – How it Will Be

March 29, 2018 — by Industry Contributions

By Robert Everett

Not so long ago, web developers were unwilling to take gaming as a full-time career but nowadays, they are doing it full time. Some who are specialized in designing entertaining programs have become millionaires while others are quitting their jobs due to the allure of big money generated in this field.

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That said, the future of the playing industry appears uncertain and it is hard to tell how it will be like in years to come. Nevertheless, this article will briefly look into the past, the current and the future of gaming technology in a bid to understand the trends of this industry.

1) The Past

As they say, you cannot plan your future if you do not know where you are coming from. Many current entertainment enthusiasts may think that web development aimed at entertainment is a recent phenomenon but they are wrong. Video games have been in existence since the 1950’s but were being designed as a hobby and not for money.

In the 1970’s, production moved a notch higher with the establishment of arcades and a decade later, video games were extended from arcades into homes thereby ushering an era of home consoles championed by companies like Atari, Sega and Nintendo.

2) The Present

From the 1980’s, the industry continued to evolve as new technological inventions came up. It is as a result of this that we are able to play high quality video options unlike those of the past.
Despite this growth, it is disturbing to note that game development jobs have been decreasing since 2014. According to recent surveys on job postings, available positions have been reducing at an alarming rate and the possible could be:

  1. The recent technological inventions are altering the ways we are doing things. For, example, most developers are making more mobile applications than in the past.
  2. In the past, designing of games was being done in studios funded by key publishers like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony etc but that stopped, leading to job losses. Today, most developers today work either in small teams or independently.
  3. Furthermore, virtual reality (VR) seems to have completely changed the whole playing perspective.

3) The future of virtual games

New technological inventions have created a myriad of opportunities for designers as a huge number of them are now concentrating on making mobile-friendly entertaining apps.

(a) Current trends on Mobile phones

Today developers prefer GPUs graphics as opposed to CPUs as it was the case in the past, as they offer the much needed processing power.

Software developers – Google, Microsoft and iOS are also aware of the industry’s potential and they are constantly improving their platforms to lure more developers into their platforms.

Currently Android has the most developers due to the unlimited flexibility it offers as compared to its closest competitor iOS. The problem with the latter is that its app store is not open to developers and thus testing and publishing software isn’t free. Microsoft is also investing heavily in its new platform – Windows 10 OS to make it more appealing to developers and it is hoping its efforts will eventually pay off.

(b) Computer games

Current trends show that PC games are declining but to counter this, hardware manufacturers are now manufacturing portable computers that are not only lighter in weight than their predecessors but also highly efficient just like smart phones to lure developers back.

Back to the Future the game will probably change as we move on and we might see many developers concentrating more on computer programs.

(c) Clouds computing

This is another front that will determine players’ future. Most of them prefer options with clouds’ storage system. This is because you can play on one device and continue playing from where you left on another one. This is because results are uploaded in the clouds and are synced with any device you logon thereafter making those games more efficient and we expect more adoption of this technology in the future.

(d) Game development courses

Years back, to become a game developer, you had to undertake a 4-year computer science course but today, most young developers are preferring studying on coding boot camps which can be done within 12-14 weeks. Due to the increased adoption of these short courses, many developers are graduating and it is exciting to see how this will impact on the future of virtual playing.

(e) Trending games 2018

Xbox owners can now enjoy the latest releases like the Burnout Paradise Re-mastered, Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3 and Forza Motorsport 7. Others expected in 2018 are: the Red Dead Redemption 2, Call of Duty, Titan Fall 2 and Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The Star Wars games are also trending in 2018 and are available both on PS4 and on the new Xbox. These are not the only new ones available, visit IT news sites and subscribe for latest updates.


Although the future appears uncertain, developers are optimistic about brighter times. They are counting on manufacturers to produce highly efficient gadgets that can play complex and high-resolution programs like Halo but for now, we can only wait.

Author’s bio: Robert Everett is an ardent writer with a specialty in the web development field. He offers deep insights when it comes to games. Apart from writing the said articles, he is also skilled in generating web content as well as writing academic masterpieces such as term papers, capstone projects, research papers, dissertations etc.


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