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Announcing the Indie Prize Asia 2018 Participants from Eastern and Northern Europe

October 31, 2018 — by Catherine Quinton


Would you enjoy making first contact with alien life? Perhaps you would prefer farming as a devil harvesting souls? Or would you crush enemies and destroy evil? In some games you must hone your skills and solve puzzles to win. Whatever your preference, you will find opportunities to enjoy it in these games from Eastern and Northern Europe at Casual Connect‘s Indie Prize in Asia 2018.

Game Title: Hopply
Developer: Clayburger
Platform: iOS, Android, Web
Country: Czechia

Hopply is an endless jumper game with clay-like graphics. Its original music and sound effects were created using only the human voice and body.

When playing this game you are trying to jump over the pond and get to the other side. As you go you collect golden nuggets and try to avoid poops and bombs. But you must also avoid your enemies, Doggie, a peaceful, shy lily pad destroyer and Badass, a slow, slimy betrayer.


Indie Prize Seattle Winners Revealed at Casual Connect USA 2017

August 3, 2017 — by Yuliya Moshkaryova


Meet the best and the brightest from Paraguay, China, Brazil, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Colombia and USA. Indie Prize, an international scholarship program created by Computer Games Association for independent game developers, announced the winners of the 19th Indie Prize Awards during Indie Prize Seattle at Casual Connect USA 2017 – representing the best of the best in independent game design and innovation:


Nordic Countries & Northern Europe at Indie Prize Berlin 2017

January 14, 2017 — by Yuliya Moshkaryova


Three games from Finland and from Sweden, one game from Denmark, from Ireland and from Estonia, two games from Lithuania and eight games from United Kingdom will be showcased at the international Indie Prize showcase during Casual Connect Europe 2017. Among these games there are two games that were nominated by Game Nation Nomination Partners: Sweden Game Conference from Sweden and by GameOn from Lithuania.

Europe 2016Video Coverage

Vladimir Funtikov: Understanding Your Customer | Casual Connect

March 28, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Vladimir Funtikov is
Vladimir Funtikov is CEO and co-founder of Creative Mobile

Vladimir Funtikov, CEO and co-founder of Creative Mobile, divides their time between business development and design of key products. As CEO, Vladimir has helped this Estonia-based startup reach over 200 million installs across its portfolio of 1st– and 3rd-party titles. Since the early 2000s, Vladimir has taken on a number of different roles in the games industry from freelance level design to game programming and in 2011 they co-created Drag Racing, one of the most downloaded Android games ever.

According to Vladimir, misunderstanding your customer is the shortest route to self-destruction, something that is becoming easier and easier in mature markets. Each of us has seen a great product become stagnant or a wonderful game followed by tedious sequels. In fact, one problem Vladimir emphasizes is, “People tend to be optimistic, saying this game feature is cool; we’ll sort out the rest later. No, you won’t!”

At Casual Connect Europe, Vladimir pointed out that they have witnessed both amazing successes and periods of crisis and self-reflection over the years of being in the game industry. To see the techniques Vladimir has developed to maintain focus, stay in touch with players, and convert feedback into design and business decisions, watch this video of Vladimir’s full session.

To read more about Vladimir Funtikov, see this exclusive article.

Europe 2015Video Coverage

Finding Passion, Hunger, and Inspiration with Vladimir Funtikov | Casual Connect Video

May 4, 2015 — by Emily Baker

'We lock troublemakers in the room and get them drunk'. - Vladimir FuntikovClick To Tweet

It is the year 2015 and some may be wondering: Where is my hoverboard? In his session entitled “Back to the Future! Gaming Startups Then and Now”, Valdimir Funtikov reflected on the fact that the future is different than we may have expected, but it is still exciting. Join him as he takes a look back at his startup days and examines what it would be like to do it all again in 2015. “If I were creating a startup today, I would still choose to produce mobile games”, Vladimir Funtikov revealed at the Casual Connect Europe 2015 conference in Amsterdam.