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Jason Della Rocca and Why You Will Never Get Funding | Casual Connect Video

April 15, 2017 — by Emily Baker

Jason Della Rocca is
Co-Founder at Execution Labs

Why You Will Never Get Funding may sound like a very depressing session from Casual Connect Europe but it was very insightful. Funding is tough to come by, especially for indie developers. Helping indies find their way to funding is Execution Labs‘ mission.

Jason Della Rocca, Co-Founder at Execution Labs, spoke on the sad reality that most games and studios do not get the funding they seek. Although we hear of million or even billion dollar deals happening these are rarer than you may think. It is a hard thing for most developers to penetrate. Jason gave a fresh perspective on the real reason for this: you. Discover with Jason the top reasons investors are holding back the cash and gain insight on how to improve your chances.

Jason speaking at Casual Connect Europe 2017, photo taken by Lera Polska

Rather than pitching a problem (e.g., lack of funds to finish the game) to a potential publisher, Jason advises developers to “reframe it as an opportunity, understanding that what they are doing is an opportunity and pitching that in talking to us about the game/studio. Now, that may mean they still have some cash flow issues but don’t pitch the problem, pitch the opportunity. That is a red flag right from the beginning.” Jason offered many other gems during this session:


For more information about Jason Della Rocca and his career, see this exclusive article.

Europe 2017Video Coverage

Rhys Dekle: Finding the Value of Developers | Casual Connect Video

March 13, 2017 — by David Radd


Rhys Dekle is a Partner at Strategic Alternatives, a strategy consulting firm focused on acquisitions. Rhys worked in business development for Microsoft Studios for 11 years, where they negotiated deals, like the one the company made with Epic Games for the Gears of War franchise, He has also worked at large companies like McKinsey & Company and Goldman Sachs as well as start-ups. At Casual Connect Europe 2017, Rhys discussed what it takes to get acquired (and how to do so at a premium price).


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Jason Della Rocca on Addressing the Early Stage Funding Gap | Casual Connect Video

December 24, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

The first step at not sucking at pitching to investors is realizing you suck at pitching.Click To Tweet

Chasing and pitching investors is no simple task. Best not screw it up when you get the chance! At Casual Connect Tel Aviv 2016, Execution Labs Co-Founder Jason Della Rocca reviewed 10 pitching mistakes that raise immediate red flags with potential investors, and how best to avoid them. The first step, Jason says, is to realize you suck at pitching. Learn about all the pitching mistakes in the video below.

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Will Hummel: A Perfect World for Investment | Casual Connect Video

October 10, 2016 — by David Radd


Will Hummel is the Manager of Global Investment at Perfect World. As such, he works as part of Perfect World’s Global Investment team, with a focus on investment and M&A in the U.S. and Europe. He works to expand Perfect World’s portfolio, which is important since the company recently returned to being publicly traded on the Shenzhen A-share Index. Will has worked as a lawyer for years, but shifting his focus from legal debt restructuring to game financing was a conscious decision.

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Amy Huang-Lee: Top Investments, From East to West | Casual Connect Video

October 8, 2016 — by David Radd

Convince them that this is a positive investment. - Amy Huang-LeeClick To Tweet

With Asia currently trending in the games market, companies both within and outside the region take a closer look at all possible opportunities related, including investments. The right investor can not only bring you the right user platforms, but also the right relationships to other potential partners. Amy Huang, AVP of NetEase Capital, whose portfolio consists of top game studios which span the world, dived into these questions in their session at Casual Connect USA 2016. “When you are building your financial forecast, you want to be realistic in the predictions. What you can deliver based on the metrics that you already know about your game and then you do the math for them. Convince them that this is a positive investment. That is something that very much aligns the expectations”, they explained.

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Gigi Levy: Investing in Passionate Creators | Casual Connect Video

September 13, 2016 — by David Radd

'I work with talented, passionate, creative teams who disrupt various industries' - Gigi LevyClick To Tweet

NFX Guild’s Founding Partner Gigi Levy gets hundreds of emails a month, all from great entrepeneurs, but has to say “no” to 99% of them. You’re a strong team, and you’re building a potentially great game…so why can’t you land that critical investment you’ve been chasing for so long? The answer is probably not as complicated as you think. In the Casual Connect USA panel, Gigi and their colleagues from IDG Ventures, Bullpen Capital, CrossCut Ventures, flaregames and Execution Labs give the no-B.S. reasons why they keep telling you no so that the next time you pitch them you might actually get a yes.

USA 2016Video Coverage

Shanti Bergel on Strategic Opportunities | Casual Connect Video

August 27, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Shanti Bergel
Shanti Bergel is Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at GREE.

Where are the opportunities in today’s games space? Shanti Bergel was one of a panel addressing this essential question at Casual Connect USA, where they considered possibilities in such varied areas as mature mobile and desktop markets, investment from Asia, opportunities in VR and AR, and other more unusual possibilities at the leading edge of the game industry. In addition, the panel described how deal structures for licensing, fundraising and acquisition have also been evolving over the last several years.

Shanti, as Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at GREE, leads investment, acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Widely recognized for expertise in freemium monetization and digital distribution, Shanti has more than twenty years of experience in the game industry, including overseeing publishing, international and corporate development at Playfish prior to coming to GREE.

To learn more of these opportunities and how to take advantage of them, be sure to watch the video of Shanti and the panel in this session: Strategic Opportunities in the Game Industry.

For an exclusive article about Shanti Bergel, click here.


Invest in the Future at Casual Connect USA

July 8, 2016 — by David Radd and Sasha Paleeva


Anyone starting up a new company has a pocket full of dreams, but that usually only go so far without some money in the other pocket. Creators don’t always have ready access to capital and that’s where investors come in.

The experts in the Funding track at Casual Connect USA 2016‘ from both sides of the negotiating table will be focused on the hard details. They’ll tell it like it is and give the tools necessary in landing that next key round of funding.