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Eldad Ben Tora: Helping Developers Monetize in the Kids’ Mobile Space | Casual Connect Video

August 17, 2016 — by David Radd

On finding more investors or big clients, 'If you work well, the rest will follow.' - Eldad Ben ToraClick To Tweet

What if there was a way that you didn’t have to choose between monetizing and staying loyal to an audience of kids? Eldad Ben Tora, CRO and Co-founder of KIDOZ explained how at Casual Connect USA. Among other insights, Eldad shared, “You would be amazed at how many apps out there are not giving any thought about the type of ads they show.” Developers need to know their audience and make sure the ads are appropriate. To learn more, see the full session below.

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Rewarded video touted as effective tool for developers at Casual Connect USA

August 5, 2016 — by Casey Rock


Video ads are quickly becoming the advertising industry’s new mainstay. Gone are the days of static placements and banner ads. At Casual Connect USA 2016, MoPub’s group product manager, Boris Logvinskiy, explained why video has become such an important advertising format during his lecture Rewarded Video: Optimize Your Strategy.

“According to eMarketer, thirty minutes is the amount of time spent looking at videos by the average user,” Boris noted. “That makes up 10 percent of the total time spent on mobile devices. This year it’s expected that $4.2 billion will be spent on mobile video advertising – and that’s expected to grow to $6 billion in 2018.”

USA 2016Video Coverage

Zain Jaffer: Welcome to the Vungle | Casual Connect Video

August 4, 2016 — by David Radd

'You need to make sure you have the best people and trust in them to deliver.' - Zain JafferClick To Tweet

Join top execs from Ketchapp, Smule and Vungle as they explore their most successful strategies for acquiring and building mobile audiences during a panel at Casual Connect USA. The panelists which included Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle, examined how they each use data to plan and optimize their user acquisition campaigns. They talked about how in-app video plays an increasingly larger part in marketing in the games industry. If your focus is on user acquisition and increasing the LTV of your users, tune in on this discussion.

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Reaching Gen-Z with Apps and Games

July 8, 2016 — by David Radd


Casual Connect USA is about matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment. There will be many talented speakers at Casual Connect USA 2016, and today we are giving you a glimpse of some of the Kids & Family track speakers.

Children are our future, and they’re also digital natives that are consuming apps and games from a very young age. Join experts as they discuss successful strategies to engage and teach this younger generation.  The panels and sessions will take place on Tuesday, July 19 and Wednesday, July 20.


Planting Seeds of Growth in the Gaming Industry

July 8, 2016 — by David Radd


Casual Connect USA is about matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment. There will be many talented speakers at Casual Connect USA 2016, and today we are giving you a glimpse of some the Growth track speakers.

It’s difficult to establish a new company or even to expand on an existing one, but the speakers in the Growth Track know all about those challenges. Whether you’re trying to get monetization right, balance multiplayer considerations or reach a whole new audience, there’s always something to improve on. These experts will help convey their knowledge about ins and outs of funding and distribution, helpful for neophytes and veterans of the industry alike.

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Martin Macmillan on Ensuring Success For Your Game | Casual Connect Video

June 28, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


What will it take to make sure your game will succeed? If you believe that visibility resulting from a high ranking on the app store charts is what ensures success, you are not alone. But Martin Macmillan, CEO of Pollen VC, has some information that may alter your thinking.

Martin IMG_4521 XPollen VC is a data-driven financial service that gives developers faster access to their app store revenues. Developers can then rapidly reinvest their earnings into their businesses, becoming less reliant on credit or investment. They can then finance user acquisition and growth securely and cost effectively.

Research from Pollen VC shows that, even without a Top 25 ranking in the app store, an increasing number of games are generating revenues of more than a million dollars a year. Martin’s session at Casual Connect Asia described how your game can do the same and how to prepare for launch to ensure success. Martin pointed out, “Recycling revenue gives you 4x more User Acquisition. More than 2000 developers makes $1,000,000 USD a year.” If you would like to learn more, watch the video of Martin’s full session below.


To read more about Martin Macmillan including a lecture from Casual Connect 2015, see this exclusive article.

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Ross Sheil: Gaming and Mobile at the Cutting Edge | Casual Connect Video

June 21, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

If players have personalized game play, the game and experience become more relevant.''– Ross SheilClick To Tweet

In a talk at Casual Connect Europe, Head of Mobile at Twitter EMEA, Ross Sheil shared Twitter’s vision for games marketers on Twitter and outlined how the best in class games companies are approaching Twitter across mobile marketing, TV and what the rise of native video and real-time marketing means for the industry.

Listen to Ross talk about how marketers can harness the power of Twitter for games distribution and games virality and some tips and tricks for how the most sophisticated games companies are thinking about using Twitter in a unique way. 

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Stanislav Sychenkov: Ad Monetization in Russia | Casual Connect Video

June 17, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'If you are passionate about what you do, you won’t change it for anything else.' - Stanislav…Click To Tweet

Learn about user acquisition in Russia from a publisher who knows the Russian market – Mail.Ru Group, the largest Russian publisher. As the owner of domestic social networks VK (Vkontakte) and OK (Odnoklassniki) hear the best practices and case studies from the global publishers that are already increasing revenues in the Russian market. Stanislav Sychenkov and Irina Tripapina of myTarget helped to explain how user acquisition should be approached in the Russian market during this Casual Connect Europe session. When it comes to monetization, Stanislav explained one of their suggestions, “As you know, only a small percentage of users pay for in-app purchases. It is just how free to play works. Our suggestion is quite simple. It is just show ads . . . that helps you monetize on every user you have.”

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Itamar Benedy: Incredible Dynamism Brings Constant Challenges

June 6, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Apps penetration is growing each day, making the world a well-connected place.' - Itamar BenedyClick To Tweet

With growth in mobile ad revenue being 128% in the next few years, it is time to think beyond installs. In a session from Casual Connect Asia, In God We Trust – All the Rest Need Data, Itamar Benedy spoke about the powerful weapon known as data, answered data-related questions and explained how to unleash the power of data.
One tip Itamar gave: “Understand the user journey in real-life to optimize user acquisition and build personas while respecting privacy. No one likes to receive Push Notifications at 3am.