Dig Down in Design & Development at Casual Connect Tel Aviv

October 24, 2016 — by David Radd


Game design is an art, along with being hugely technical – it’s demanding on both its creators and players. The Design & Development track at Casual Connect Tel Aviv will deal with the blood, sweat and tears that goes into creating games. The track will be launch with Jonathan Boltax, VP Business Development at TransGaming in the morning, followed up by Tapcore COO Dmitry Shkolnikov in the afternoon.


Making Free-to-Play Work

Free-to-play is the distribution system of choice for many modern developers, with ad monetization becoming an important part of the way they generate revenue. Eric Seufert, partner at Heracles Media will talk about video advertising and how mobile ads can use them well in the session Ad Monetization Design Patterns in Free-to-Play Games.


Find the Right Market Path at Casual Connect Tel Aviv

October 22, 2016 — by David Radd


navigation-iconWith technology, the world seems smaller than it has ever been, but there are more complexities to doing business than ever before. Data analysis is key to understanding issues in the social/mobile gaming industry, whether it is dealing with a particular region or the entire world. The Market Navigation track at Casual Connect Tel Aviv will have experts ready to share their success stories, and influencers looking to network and partner up with upcoming talent, kicked off by Catherine Mylinh, VP of Marketing at Vungle.

Big Data

Google will be present at the event and represented by Eitan Reisel. The gaming sector lead for Israel will talk about how the search company has the data and tools to help game developers, machine learning discussion for acquiring customers in the session Building a Thriving Game Business with Google. Another rep of Google that will be there is Barak Regev, Director of the company’s Cloud Platform for EMEA. Barak will talk about about both succeeding and scaling where necessary, sharing insights about Niantic’s launch of Pokémon GO in particular for the session Starting Small But Dreaming Big.

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Mitch Smiley: Fun and Education at WildWorks | Casual Connect Video

October 19, 2016 — by David Radd

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Marketing a game developed for children comes with its challenges. Dealing with COPPA regulations in addition to the always-changing digital marketing landscape, can make it difficult to execute an effective user acquisition campaign. In his Casual Connect USA session, WildWorks’ Mitch Smiley explained how to embrace the challenge and run an ROI-positive campaign, with success stories and learning opportunities from the leading web-based kids game in the US, Animal Jam.

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Bryan Bennett: Building Success with Social Casino | Casual Connect Video

October 18, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

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At Casual Connect USA, Bryan Bennett, Vice President of Marketing at AGS Interactive, was part of a panel that addressed the essential question in the game industry: how to realize a profit with your game. And while the question sounds simple, navigating the answers to it is considerably more complex. How, for example, do you find and acquire the highest value users, how do you succeed on Instagram or make the best use of Facebook ad products. Should you expand your business into other geographic markets and how do you decide which ones.

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Greg Costikyan: Sophisticated Monetization for Today’s Sophisticated Players | Casual Connect Video

October 17, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


The methods of monetizing  that developers have been using in free-to-play no longer work with today’s sophisticated audiences according to Greg Costikyan. Greg is the Senior Game Designer for Boss Fight Entertainment, with a career in the game industry that has spanned three decades and included more than 30 commercially published games. During this time Greg has received honors that include the IGDA Maverick Award for “tireless promotion of independent games”, five Origins Awards and is an inductee into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame.

Greg Costikyan is the Senior Game Designer for Boss Fight Entertainment.

But after all this experience, Greg emphasizes that effective monetization is essential for a game to succeed. In the past, monetization methods have included hard gates, painful pinches and spammy calls to monetization: crude methods that players no longer tolerate. Games are about delighting players, but now the call to monetization must also delight. Not only that, players can only be retained if they feel their money has been well spent. To learn more about Greg’s ideas on how to accomplish this, watch this video of the full session from Casual Connect USA.


For more about Greg Costikyan, see this exclusive article.


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Ian Atkinson: Succeeding with Your App | Casual Connect Video

September 25, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


You have created a great app and people are downloading it. What can you do from there to ensure the best opportunities for that app to succeed?

AdColony1Ian Atkinson, Vice President of Business Development at AdColony, offered his insights into the steps you need to take in the “Leveling Up Your App Economy” session at Casual Connect USA. At AdColony, Ian delivers high quality inventory for advertisers in the AdColony Network through partnering with game companies and tech vendors while enhancing monetization. Ian brought to the session his expertise, developed through more than twenty years of experience in the industry at both startups and large game publishers, with particular knowledge of emerging digital and interactive entertainment markets.

In this session Ian described how the top mobile app publishers are able to engage and retain users while, at the same time, maximizing monetization. The session analyzed the best practices and must have features of the apps that are doing it right and discussed the importance of an ad network. “Don’t treat ad networks as an ATM machine,” Ian emphasized. “Treat them like a trusted business partner.”

To learn more about how you can give your app the best chance for success, watch this video of Ian’s full session below.


For a more detailed article about Ian Atkinson, click here.


Want to Make Your Game Stand Out in the App Store?

September 15, 2016 — by Industry Contributions


Want to Make Your Game Stand Out in the App Store? Try Utilizing These New Technologies and Tools

By Bob Heubel

As app stores become inundated with new games every day, developers need to find innovative and creative ways to create a unique gaming experience and make their mobile game standout. Audio creation and editing tools have always been an integral part of the game design process but aside from sound, what other technologies and tools should developers take into consideration?


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Amit Bivas: Message Like Music, Not Noise | Casual Connect Video

September 11, 2016 — by David Radd

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What can be done when mass marketing fails? Rather than encouraging engagement and improving brand perception, generic marketing to large swatches of one’s target audience will often lead to brand fatigue and even negativity. In a session with Amit Bivas, Head of Marketing for Optimove, Amit discussed the solutions to this challenge. Amit stressed, “We cannot use the same marketing strategy we used the day before because today it is a whole different game.” To really get into how you can improve catered marketing, tune in below.

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Ian Atkinson: Effective Monetization Methods | Casual Connect Video

September 2, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'70% of players like rewarded ads, so it's leaving money on the table to not do it!' - Ian AtkinsonClick To Tweet

They installed your app…now what? At Casual Connect Asia Ian Atkinson from AdColony explained what! “70% of players like rewarded ads, so it’s leaving money on the table to not do it!”, Ian pointed out during this solo session, explaining how the top mobile app publishers are engaging and retaining users longer while maximizing monetization and minimizing SDK bloat.

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Nimit Panpalia on Monetization Strategy | Casual Connect Video

August 30, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Be local. Understand where your players are coming from and use the right ad network. - Nimit PanpaliaClick To Tweet

Nimit Panpalia, Global Head of Developer Acquisitions at POKKT, says, “I believe gaming will be the biggest growth industry in Southeast Asia and India, and I want to make a difference during the growth phase of gaming.” Nimit’s work focuses on interacting with game developers to show them how the POKKT SDK would be an asset in their monetization strategy. They discussed POKKT’s vision of the latter in a panel at Casual Connect Asia 2016 along with colleagues from Appodeal, VMAX, Vungle and AdColony, as well as shared more details of their personal views with Gamesauce: Nimit knows devs avoid ad networks and as a result, wants to become a part of their business.