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Gamblit Brings Gaming and Gambling Together

September 18, 2014 — by Industry Contributions


BusinessContributionsExclusive InterviewsIndustryOnline

Gamblit Brings Gaming and Gambling Together

September 18, 2014 — by Industry Contributions

Gamblit Gaming’s CMO David Chang spoke about how Gamblit connects gaming and gambling, as well as the trends in both the gaming and gambling industries that he’s witnessed over the last few years, with TechnologyAdvice host Clark Buckner. provides coverage content on teaching and training games, strategic employee engagement software, and customer loyalty programs and much more. Also be sure to check out their gamification tech conference calendar.

You can listen to the full interview here:

Gamblit Gaming, a sponsor of Casual Connect USA 2014, is a technology provider for real-money mobile gaming. Gamblit’s platform takes care of regulated technology, licenses, and customer operations so that game developers, publishers, and casino operators can focus on creating exceptional gaming experiences.

David Chang has been involved in the gaming industry for a decade. He started at IGN, primarily dealing with console developers, so he’s seen how progressive the gaming industry is and always has been. Conversely, he said that the gambling industry may be taking an opposite path, noting that there isn’t much innovation currently occurring around traditional casino games.

Picture Courtesy of Casual Connect
David Chang, CMO of Gamblit Gaming, speaking at Casual Connect USA 2014, Photo credit: Sasha Paleeva

Building the Bridge

Gamblit serves as a bridge between the gambling and gaming communities. They desire to harness the creativity of the gaming community and show developers a path where they can express themselves. Likewise, they want to express that creativity in the gambling world so both industries might benefit from new innovations.

Chang was an early adopter of the Free-to-Play (F2P) movement back in 2005. Back then, people thought he was crazy. Now, F2P has become a viable and even lucrative option for commercialization. Having been to a number of gaming tournaments, Chang sees similar opportunities in real-money casino gaming.

Today, integrating gaming and gambling is widely embraced by both communities; developers and companies are more open to understanding how to design real-money casino games.

Gamblit Gaming at Casual Connect USA 2014

See What’s There

Chang encourages casual game developers to take a look at what’s presently being offered in both gaming and gambling to see what interests them. Otherwise, if they don’t find it interesting themselves, it likely won’t be interesting to their users either.

On the other hand, Chang suggests that those in the casino industry should download games so they can see what the mass market consumes today. Chang revealed that people in the gambling industry rarely play games at all, and that most of the conversation centers on monetization methods, game engagement, and the like.

Ultimately, Gamblit Gaming desires to connect the casino and gaming communities. Gamblit knows that most of their work crosses the boundaries of gaming and gambling, and that each community can benefit from the others’ knowledge and experience. Gamblit can help expedite such crossover innovation.

For more information on Gamblit Gaming, visit If you have thoughts or ideas in line with Gamblit’s offerings, feel free to drop by at their events or send them an email.


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