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Joyce Xu: Creating Value in the Game Industry | Casual Connect Video

February 3, 2018 — by Catherine Quinton

My goal is to bring really big volume of users and revenue to our partner developers. - Joyce XuClick To Tweet

Playable ads are pretty effective in delivering cost-effective new users and also provide better post-install performance. Learn what the limitation are and how they are being addressed with Joyce Xu, Vice President at ZPLAY, at Casual Connect USA. Find out the current state of playables in the market along with future innovations such as playable ads for 3D and Action games. She observed, “We needed to help Western developers to improve their in-game purchase structure.”

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Diana Platonova: Bringing a Hidden Object Game to Top 20 | Casual Connect Video

August 10, 2017 — by Orchid

Even if you create an amazing game you'll still need to put effort in discoverability. - Diana…Click To Tweet

Diana Platonova is the Business Development Manager at MyTona, an international free-to-play games developer and publisher, where her main goals are increasing MyTona’s business growth and widening its branding. In her Casual Connect Asia talk Diana shared tips and tricks of bringing a Hidden Object game to Top 20 Grossing, with the example of MyTona’s title Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery that climbed the chart up to Top 20 Grossing for US iPad. One of here tips was: “We target offers by special filters, so that each player gets what’s most suitable for them.” 

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Ron Rejwan: Mastering Prototyping | Casual Connect Video

February 6, 2017 — by Orchid

If it's ugly and people enjoy it, it will be much more enjoyable once it looks good. - Ron RejwanClick To Tweet

Jelly Button Games co-founder and CTO Ron Rejwan started learning to code at the age of 12 aiming to build games, and has been interested in it since they remember themself. At the age of 18 they were drafted to the ISR army as elite army programmer.

In 2011 Ron founded Jelly Button together with 4 co-founders, and since then has been the company’s CTO. While The Jelly Button team agrees game creation is based on feelings and instincts, they prefer playtesting at early stages to validate it. In their Casual Connect Tel Aviv Ron Rejwan explains their approach to playtesting and prototyping, and shares the tips and tricks one needs to know to follow their footsteps.

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Robert Pontow on Preparing Games for Foreign Markets | Casual Connect Video

January 24, 2017 — by Catherine Quinton

When localizing a game, 'Use a native!' - Robert PontowClick To Tweet

How do we thrive in this highly competitive games industry? Developers face many challenges such as players’ discerning tastes and the fact that not every game works in every region. Gaming companies can appeal to regional audiences by culturalizing content and using certain techniques to create games with a local brand image. At Casual Connect Tel Aviv, Robert Pontow, VP Publishing at Active Gaming Media Inc, highlighted how companies can apply culturalization when releasing games in Japan as an example of a mobile gaming market which is lucrative but hard to crack for foreign developers. During this session, Robert reflected, “It is very important to really get the localization and culturalization right. Otherwise, you might not get the potential users.” See the video of Robert’s session below to learn more.

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Nelson Rodriguez: Finding and Proving Value | Casual Connect Video

August 22, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'A quarter of players said they left the game because it updated too frequently.' - Nelson RodriguezClick To Tweet

Nelson Rodriguez heads the game industry marketing strategy for Akamai Technologies, coming to this position after two years on the Xbox marketing team and six years creating award-winning digital marketing campaigns for clients that include Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony and Hasbro. Nelson has helped launch dozens of games: blockbusters such as Halo 3, Tekken 5 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, as well as indie titles like Tweet Defense and A Kingdom for Keflings. At Casual Connect Asia 2016 Nelson shared their understanding of why players leave games, and recently they told Gamesauce about their perspective working as a marketing strategist, as well as the games industry overall.

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Robby Yung: Connecting with Kids | Casual Connect Video

June 25, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


ryung“I’ll show you how to reach customers outside your game. You can reach customers you would not ordinarily reach by creating a fan base,” offered Robby Yung, CEO at Animoca Brands, to the audience at Casual Connect Asia. You too can get some advice from a leading publisher and developer of mobile games in the video below. As CEO, Robby focuses on creating and publishing games from Animoca’s library of licensed intellectual property. Robby’s prior experience in the games industry includes co-founding both Redgate Media and One Media Group.

During the talk, Robby examined current trends in mobile entertainment for children, including the brands, the charts and the evolving consumer base, with special emphasis on how to connect with this consumer base. Robby said, “Kids used to have to borrow devices. Then they get old devices. Now they have their own primary device.” To learn more, watch this video of the session below.


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Why do they play that game? Design and Development track at your service!

June 18, 2016 — by Orchid


When it comes to the actual process of developing a game, a question often arises: how did those “big guys” make their creation THAT successful? What is that secret that makes their players press that button again and again, and how exactly did they made that button that enjoyable to tap? The Design and Development track at the upcoming Casual Connect USA has been put together in a way that both experienced and aspiring devs can exchange experience. Let’s have a closer look at who will be there.

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Luna Cruz: Faster Solutions | Casual Connect Video

June 2, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Staying in this career is a choice I’d gladly make over and over.' - Luna CruzClick To Tweet

At Altitude Games, they use rapid prototyping to find the fun in our games. The question is: does it really work? Listen to Luna Cruz, creative director and co-founder explain how they prototype across different projects (from UI wireframes to giant cube combat) – where it worked, and where it failed. During their talk at Casual Connect Asia, Luna described real examples on how to make prototyping work for you across all stages of development. Luna explained,”For us, prototyping is any sharable output that you can use to make decisions.” Also, Altitude Games prototypes “as a process through all different phases of development.”

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Shelley LK Hosts the Gaming Top Talent Auditions | Casual Connect Video

May 29, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton


Who is the Gaming Top Talent? At Casual Connect Asia, independent game developers auditioned for a chance to compete in this global online event to select the best original games for mobile platforms by independent developers. The prizes total over US $1M and include opportunities to win publishing and funding deals. Competitors can also benefit from powerful PR through YouTube and Twitch channels.

shelley_lau featured imageThe auditions are hosted by Shelley LK, who is also judging, along with James Kosta, Operations Partner, Signia Venture Partners; Kadri Ugand, Co-Founder of GameFounders; Georg Zoeller, Game Professional and Partner Engineering Manager (APAC). Shelley has more than 16 years of experience in the US, Europe and Asia/Japan, participating in and transacting investments reaching as much as US $900M, as well as exiting ventures of her own. Shelley is Managing Partner of IPC Ventures, a company which invests in early stage first mobile startups including technology, platforms, media, content and mobile gaming.

See more of these auditions by viewing the video of this session at Casual Connect Asia.

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Tal Shoham: The Delicate Art of Rewarded Video | Casual Connect Video

May 26, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

Tal Shoham is the VP International Business Development, Supersonic
Tal Shoham is the VP International Business Development, Supersonic

How do you solve the problem of capturing the attention of today’s video-stimulated consumers with your ads? One of the best ways is to use rewarded video ads, the most rapidly growing category in mobile advertising. But mastering this art requires perfecting the balance of ads in your app to increase engagement, maintain retention, monetize the app appropriately and preserve your user fan base.

Tal Shoham discussed this delicate art in depth during the session, “Mastering the Art of Rewarded Video” at Casual Connect Asia. Tal is VP of International Business Development, Developer Solutions at ironSource and is responsible for cultivating lasting relationships with publishers and developers across the globe. Tal came to this career after more than ten years as product manager in the defense industry.

“Everyone loves video: advertisers, publishers, users,” according to Tal. To learn more about this important monetization trend, watch the video of the complete session below.


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