yellowHEAD to provide key UA insights at Casual Connect USA

July 14, 2017 — by Gamesauce Staff



yellowHEAD to provide key UA insights at Casual Connect USA

July 14, 2017 — by Gamesauce Staff

yellowHEAD will be on hand at Casual Connect USA this August in Seattle to provide developers and publishers with valuable insights on UA, ASO, SEO, and more. The company has a long and storied relationship with the conference, including recently at February’s European show where yellowHEAD Head of ASO Sagi Dekel discussed effective ASO strategies. At Casual Connect USA, Head of Social Ori Meiry will join a panel of experts on user acquisition and retention – where he will discuss yellowHEAD’s unique approaches to these topics and how they’ve helped others meet their marketing goals and grow their business.

The company also often hosts a booth at Casual Connect conferences – and Casual Connect USA will be no different. yellowHEAD Head of Growth Merav Katz Gershuni notes that it provides a dedicated space to meet game developers and publishers and discuss ways to help them succeed in their advertising and UA goals. “We’re also looking forward to meeting our clients and friends, catching up on their new games, and raising a glass or two to our fruitful cooperation,” Merav says of Casual Connect USA.

Market Leader

Those who meet with yellowHEAD at Casual Connect can expect to talk to a market leader in user acquisition, app store optimization (ASO) and search engine optimization (SEO). Ori, yellowHEAD’s panelist at Casual Connect USA, notes that the company manages many marketing activities with large budgets for some of the world’s leading games – and has a very broad view of the industry in terms of products, marketing trends, KPIs, and more. “We are always willing to share this knowledge and our experience with the international community of game developers, publishers and distributors,” Ori notes.

yellowHEAD is a mere four years old, but has quickly positioned itself as a market leader and has numerous large clients including Zynga, Playtika, Product Madness, Scientific Games, Tinder, WeWork, Gett, and more. The company was started by online casino industry veterans Gal Bar and Shai Karmi to help mobile app developers and publishers grow their business through paid user acquisition.

Gal noted that “when we worked at and partnered with agencies, we recognized that we couldn’t find strong partners. No one understood much about UA in mobile, the influence of one channel on another, or really anything beyond the deposit. This is when we decided to open yellowHEAD with a vision of full measurement impact and lifetime value (LTV) prediction modeling – and to understand the user behavior from the first impression all the way to becoming a VIP client.”

Fulfilling a Need

Today, yellowHEAD’s guiding vision contains a more holistic approach that combines paid and organic solutions implementing proven UA and ASO methodologies with in-house tools. The yellowHEAD team is comprised of over 70 marketing experts, and growing, with years of experience across various ad platforms. The company provides UA services, including management of large budgets on Google and Facebook, leads in the ASO arena, and continues to implement best practices in the SEO field.

Ori notes that the user journey doesn’t end with a click on an ad – that’s merely an entry point to the game. “Thus, a seamless experience from an ad to the product page in the App Store to the actual game is essential for mobile marketers. yellowHEAD’s holistic approach of Google and Social User Acquisition combined with ASO allows our clients to benefit from synchronized messaging across platforms, which improves the user journey and strengthens the marketing funnel. We believe these fields get more and more entangled in today’s mobile world, and our various departments therefore work together to gather cross-field insights and improve our clients’ results on all spectrums.”


Ori notes that yellowHEAD is not your typical ad-tech startup. Based in the small town of Udim, its offices are nestled between olive and pecan trees and grazing fields. “As much as we value agility, anyone can work from a hammock or a picnic table outside, and we encourage curiosity and admire improvement. We are very family-oriented and pet-friendly, and have an open-door policy! yellowHEAD is a place where every voice is heard, and new ideas flourish – this is how we continuously innovate and stay ahead of industry trends.”

In the last year, some of yellowHEAD’s internal major accomplishments included building tools that can sync between Google, Facebook, and mobile / web pages and UA-predictive AI tools that are already generating 30-percent higher LTV users than other manual or rule-based tools available. Looking toward the coming year, yellowHEAD plans to leverage its already leading video production and push its video analysis and tech even farther.

Sneak Peek

Ori Meiry, Head of Social Media, yellowHEAD

At Casual Connect USA, yellowHEAD’s Ori Meiry will dive into UA and UR with fellow experts from Playtika, DoubleDown Interactive, Zynga, and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming. Offering a sneak peak at topics the panel will dive into, Ori noted that even in the last five years, user acquisition and retention has undergone major changes.

Five years ago, he says, Facebook web was the main advertising channel, but now its mobile platform has become the standard-bearer for ads. This, along with multi-platform (web and mobile) games becoming the most prominent in the industry and boasting the highest LTV, has resulted in a fast transition to a mobile-first approach. Just around two years ago, Google entered the playing field and began competing with Facebook in the gaming arena. Meanwhile, ad tech has advanced exponentially, from banner ads to video ads (and beyond). Analytics and tracking have also improved immeasurably, leading to smarter media buying.

Yet, Ori says, challenges still remain in the sector. Scaling while retaining the ability to acquire quality users, multi-platform optimization, and creative fatigue are all more difficult than ever.

However, he notes that yellowHEAD is leading the charge at solving these issues – particularly with their predictive algorithms which identify user behaviors and trends, and predict user lifetime value, allowing clients to scale without hurting their return on investment (ROI) and maximize their multi-platform optimization. They also have an in-house creative studio that can craft dozens of high-yield creative permutations.

“In addition,” Ori says, “we have a close relationship with designers at Facebook, which helps us to stay up-to-date with all the changes and best practices, and allows us to be among the first to test new ad formats.”

Ori expects to dive into all of this and more during his panel on Casual Connect USA’s casino track.

Making a Connection

Aside from Ori’s panel, those interested in connecting with yellowHEAD, asking questions, and learning more about how yellowHEAD can help them, can visit yellowHEAD’s booth, No. 403, during Casual Connect USA. Casual Connect USA will take place August 1-3 at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Learn more at