Kyiv 2017Video Coverage

Keren Yehiel: An Algorithm for Better Marketing | Casual Connect Video

March 4, 2018 — by Catherine Quinton


Kyiv 2017Video Coverage

Keren Yehiel: An Algorithm for Better Marketing | Casual Connect Video

March 4, 2018 — by Catherine Quinton

Keren Yehiel is a Client Development Manager at Bidalgo where she manages SaaS clients. Bidalgo is an official marketing partner of Facebook, Google, Snapchat and Pinterest. Keren came to Bidalgo from the marketing industry. She was looking for work in a market-leading company that offered the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. At Casual Connect Kyiv, Keren discussed the seven commandments for social casino creative.

The Perfect Place To Work

She found the perfect place in Bidalgo with its high level of professionalism, innovative environment and, of course, awesome people. She was also attracted to SaaS because she enjoys being the advisor who can help clients grow their businesses while at the same time remain close to the product, seeing the needs the market has and helping to improve and expand Bidalgo’s technology.

Before coming to Bidalgo Keren was working with ad networks. Even though she is now working with native and social networks, her previous experience allows her to better understand her clients’ needs and the full picture of their marketing strategy and challenges, since they are managing all their platforms together.

The most enjoyable aspect of the job for Keren is the people. She says, “I really have the privilege of working at a company with 100% amazing people and clients; working closely with my clients makes these relationships really meaningful to me.”

Making Real Change

Keren is inspired by the opportunity to make a real change. Up until last year the company had a good platform, good technology and knowledge. Then they released the first, and still the only AI that can manage a client’s activity end to end, achieving higher results than ever before. “We know that we have developed a true game changer, and I’m proud to take it to our clients and watch how it helps them improve and scale their activity.”

Working with game industry clients was a new experience for Keren, who describes herself as “a non-gamer person” although she now finds more and more games on her own mobile. But the fun aspect of this work is the creative ads; thinking how to create the best performing direct response ad, while making it fun and creative.

The First AI Algorithm

When asked about the most effective tools for marketing at Bidalgo, Keren insists, “That’s easy. Bidalgo AI, no doubt about that. The first AI algorithm in the marketing industry that manages campaigns end-to-end, optimizes and does budget allocation. If that’s not enough, there is this little fact that it also achieves higher results than manual UA activity.”

Bidalgo discovered that UA managers spend around 80% of their time doing uploads. They decided to automate this process to allow UA managers to focus on more strategic processes. Bidalgo’s AI algorithm can calculate many different parameters in order to come up with the best combination to upload and guarantee that top ads go live.

Clearly Bidalgo has recognized the importance of being a technology leader, so they are always looking for the next feature or technology to adopt. They believe that early adoption of new technologies allows them to get ahead of the competition. Keren emphasizes, “When we’re the ones to adopt new features faster, we gain a space with no competition and so our learning curve is faster than developers who adopt it later on.”

What About Casino?

When considering the two casino segments of the gaming industry, social casino and real money gambling, Keren stresses that these two verticals do not threaten each other. RMG users are looking for the thrill of gambling for real money. Social casino apps are more for entertainment. One player may use both, but for different purposes.

Land-based casinos and social casino can certainly complement and learn from each other. The familiar land-based machines can contribute to the popularity of social casino apps while social casino apps offer players the opportunity to play no matter where they are. They are not tied to actually being in the casino to feel the excitement of playing the game.

According to Keren, there is still plenty of opportunity in social casino; new markets are born every day. However, it is important to pay attention; these are relatively small markets so you must identify these before your competitors do.

When Keren is not busy with Bidalgo she enjoys the company of her two cats, who snuggle on her keyboard whenever she works from home. She loves planning vacations – the next will be her honeymoon to Mexico and Guatemala. And she loves beer, including making her own.

If you are someone interested in a career similar to Keren’s, she has some specific advice for you. The first suggestion is to pick the company you join carefully; it should be a company that focuses on being first in its field. The second important idea is to pick a vertical and partners/clients that you will be comfortable working with.


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