Fourteen Indie Games from Southern Europe Competing at Indie Prize Berlin

January 18, 2017 — by Yuliya Moshkaryova


One game represents Croatia, two games Greece and Portugal, four games Italy and seven games Spain at the international Indie Prize showcase in Berlin during Casual Connect Europe 2017! Among them, two games were nominated by Game Nation Nomination Partners in Italy: Milan Games Week and Codemotion.

GAME: Light&Dark
DEVELOPER: Under the Stairs
PLATFORM: Desktop Win
COUNTRY: Croatia

Light&Dark is a 2D roguelike platformer with random level generation. Light is your primary resource which you spend to uncover levels, kill monsters and progress through the game. Every death is permanent and every run is different.

Awards: Best gameplay and Best artstyle at Reboot Infogamer.

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Benoit Prunneaux: Finding the Right Words for Indie Development

January 6, 2017 — by David Radd


unworded-pictureBenoit Prunneaux of Bento Studio is one of the main developers behind unWorded. The game was nominated for Indie Prize at RESPAWN, a conference designed to allow the free exchange of ideas between developers, where lectures happen in open environments that attendees are allowed to freely flow between as they wish with topics including Creative, Game Design, Business and Tech to Culture/Communications and Storytelling. Bento Studio will compete at Indie Prize hosted by Casual Connect Europe in Berlin.

“We are very proud of this nomination and it was a fairly big surprise. This game is really important for Bento because we have placed something special in this title that it is more personal. So this is a real reward for us,” said Benoit. “Honestly we have not made this game to win contests. We registered at random to see if our game could arouse interest in the audience and make it more visible. Since our participation we are very happy to be able to benefit from this support.”

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Mattias Lindblad: Gaming is Art in Passpartout

December 29, 2016 — by David Radd


Mattias Lindblad is the CEO Flamebait Games, makers of starving artist simulator Passpartout. The game recently scored a spot to compete in Indie Prize at Casual Connect Europe by winning the Swedish Game Conference, whose theme this year was inclusive game development.

“It is very exciting and we’re looking forward towards showcasing Passpartout in Berlin,” said Mattias. “We’re also looking forward to meeting other developers and playing their games.”

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Andrew Chang: A Visual Society Where People Connect | Casual Connect Video

June 24, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'We need to keep learning and improving ourselves to provide the best to players.' - Andrew ChangClick To Tweet

Learn from those that know in this Ask Me Anything  – Publishing in Asia panel from Casual Connect Europe. Be imparted with some serious wisdom about the Asian game market including: Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, and South-East Asia, even the answers to questions you never had a chance to ask. Co-Founder of RedAtoms, Andrew Chang was one of the panelists. To learn more of what Andrew had to say and other publishing professionals, tune in below.

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Ross Sheil: Gaming and Mobile at the Cutting Edge | Casual Connect Video

June 21, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

If players have personalized game play, the game and experience become more relevant.''– Ross SheilClick To Tweet

In a talk at Casual Connect Europe, Head of Mobile at Twitter EMEA, Ross Sheil shared Twitter’s vision for games marketers on Twitter and outlined how the best in class games companies are approaching Twitter across mobile marketing, TV and what the rise of native video and real-time marketing means for the industry.

Listen to Ross talk about how marketers can harness the power of Twitter for games distribution and games virality and some tips and tricks for how the most sophisticated games companies are thinking about using Twitter in a unique way. 

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Stanislav Sychenkov: Ad Monetization in Russia | Casual Connect Video

June 17, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'If you are passionate about what you do, you won’t change it for anything else.' - Stanislav…Click To Tweet

Learn about user acquisition in Russia from a publisher who knows the Russian market – Mail.Ru Group, the largest Russian publisher. As the owner of domestic social networks VK (Vkontakte) and OK (Odnoklassniki) hear the best practices and case studies from the global publishers that are already increasing revenues in the Russian market. Stanislav Sychenkov and Irina Tripapina of myTarget helped to explain how user acquisition should be approached in the Russian market during this Casual Connect Europe session. When it comes to monetization, Stanislav explained one of their suggestions, “As you know, only a small percentage of users pay for in-app purchases. It is just how free to play works. Our suggestion is quite simple. It is just show ads . . . that helps you monetize on every user you have.”

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Alex Cohen: The Novelty of the Gaming Industry Brings Constant Challenge

June 15, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Developing good hypotheses in the first place is definitely an art.' - Alex CohenClick To Tweet

Mobile is here to stay in social games worldwide. The Latin American market is a strong example of this foothold. In a talk entitled The Challenge of Mobile Social Games in Latin America, CPO of Akamon Entertainment, Alex Cohen, explained how to decide the most appropriate mobile platform in each country of Latin America. or being able to engage users in mobile as done online are key. Alex reflected, “I think there is a general impression in Latin America that it is a market that is full of low income feature phone users . . . In practice that really is not true. Smartphone penetration in Latin America is up in the range of 67% and feature phone penetration is smaller and declining.” To hear more stereotypes busted, listen to Alex’s talk from Casual Connect Europe.

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John Gaudiosi: Journalism in the Blood | Casual Connect Video

June 14, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Even smaller mobile games require a lot of work and creativity from a small team.' - John GaudiosiClick To Tweet

ESports is the most talked about subject in the games industry as well as media business. As games and video converge into cross-screen entertainment franchises, professional gamers and streamers are the celebrities of the new generation. Stadiums around the world are filling up each weekend and over 100 million fans are tuning into esports every month. It is not surprising that advertisers and traditional media are rearing to get involved. At the Casual Connect Europe conference, learn what the future will bring as the stakes get higher from leaders within the esports economy on how they see the future. The moderator for this informative panel, John Gaudiosi explained, “When it comes to esports as a journalist, every game developer and publisher is always telling me they have got the next that they have got the next esports title.” Find out how you can stand out and what is up next.

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Shanti Bergel on Corporate Development | Casual Connect Video

May 31, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Become the best in the world at something that interests you.' - Shanti BergelClick To Tweet

In this panel at Casual Connect Europe, billion-dollar global game publisher-investors explained the investment criteria, routes to M&A and actual value delivered in greater revenues and profits. Join Senior Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at GREE, Shanti Bergel and other publisher-investors in this informative panel.

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Michal Witkowski: Putting Psychology and Analytics Together | Casual Connect Video

May 24, 2016 — by Catherine Quinton

'Making games people love and playing alongside them is a beautiful thing.' - Michal WitkowskiClick To Tweet

Social casino players’ behavior differs from that of other casual gamers. In a presentation by Michal Witkowski, head of product analytics at GameDesire, Michal showed these differences in terms of the most important monetization and engagement KPIs, with an extra focus on Facebook players. Tune in as Michal breaks down the data from the analysis to infer about potential business strategies that can help in getting more loyal and higher-paying players in social casino games. “Bingo new registration are very scarce on Facebook. This means that you should really take care of your new players and focus more on reactivating and keeping your players loyal.” Hear this and other insights that Michal has been able to derive from data analysis.