GiGse 2017 Looks Toward Next Generation in Casino Gaming

April 17, 2017 — by Gamesauce Staff



GiGse 2017 Looks Toward Next Generation in Casino Gaming

April 17, 2017 — by Gamesauce Staff

When GiGse 2017 touches down in San Diego later this April, it will be with an unflinching eye toward the future. While there will be a variety of topics discussed at the conference – virtual reality, social casino, skill-based games, esports, mobile integration, and more – all of it will focus around the next generation of casino gaming: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Question and Answer

GiGse will pose a range of questions some of which may be uncomfortable. For example: Is the U.S. casino sector at risk of losing its foothold within an online and disruptive entertainment market? Is U.S. gaming’s past destroying its future?” said Clarion Gaming Head of Content Ewa Bakun in a press release. “This is going to be one of the most fiery and contentious GiGse’s on record and not everyone is going to agree, but that just reinforces how the future of gaming is so fundamentally important and why this edition of GiGse cannot be missed.”

To that end, GiGse will provide attendees with over 40 hours of “constructively disruptive thinking and debate”. But it won’t all be questions and debate – Bakun notes that GiGse’s role is also to resolve questions in the industry. People will not only gain insights on how to prepare their gaming brands for future channels and regulated markets, but they will also learn how to commercialize gaming and create “the ultimate” return on investment in the current climate.

Speakers and Topics

Over 52 thought leaders will speak during the course of GiGse. Clarion’s Sadie Walters, who curated the agenda, said she was delighted at the quality of GiGse’s speaker community. “The industry is punctuated by opportunities as well as challenges, and delegates can look forward to expert analysis on casino based esports offering and how the gaming sector can gain market share of the $900 million esports economy.”

In addition to esports, GiGse will also cover the following topics: Implementing and optimizing social gaming/casino to generate revenue and convert players to the casino floor; implementing and monetizing skill-based gaming, virtual reality and esports; the regulatory environment of social gaming, skill-based gaming, esports and daily fantasy sports (DFS); the future scenarios of sports betting in the USA; building loyalty with next generations consumers; monetizing digital platforms including on-premise-mobile; and Tribal casino and innovation.

Confirmed speakers include: John Kenefick, Vice President Chief Information Officer, Penchanga Resort and Casino and Foxwood’s Director Online Gambling, Seth Young, who will be leading the discussion ‘Nurturing our technology in Indian Country; Seth Schorr, CEO, Fifth Street Gaming, who will be part of a panel exploring gaming’s relationship with esports and Felix Rappaport, President and CEO, Foxwoods Resort Casino, whose Keynote presentation is entitled Keeping Your Foothold in the Future Entertainment Sector.

Additionally, for the first time, GiGse will host the iGaming North America Awards (iGNA). The awards, which are celebrating their third anniversary, comprise seven categories and recognize excellence and innovation displayed by gaming organizations operating in the North American market.

Time and Place

GiGse takes place April 26-28 at the Marriott Marquis Marina in San Diego. Day 1 begins at 12:30pm and Day 3 closes out at 1:30pm. Those interested in learning more, seeing the full agenda, or registering can do so at